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Faculty of Humanities and Education

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Marsha Gay  (Barbados)



The two-year M.Ed Leadership programme was an intensive course of study especially when navigating between being a teacher and a student.  However, the knowledge and skills that I derived from being a student have continued to mould, guide and transform me into the effective educator that constantly aspire to be.

I have been able to apply many of the tenets of leadership to enhance my talents and skills  in both my personal and professional life.

Two of my fondest memories of being a part of this course of study were:

  1. being a part of a group of ambitious, smart  and focused  female teachers  who made the journey bearable and enjoyable. We understood that success / achievement is more beautiful as a collective and integrative force rather that an individualistic and divisive one.
  2. learning that Statistics and SPSS were monsters that could be conquered through perseverance, late nights, laughs and loads of coffee. I still have no love for stats but I am a bit more confident in my abilities to undertake these aspects of research.

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