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Faculty of Humanities and Education

School of Education


Robin E. Douglas  (Barbados)



The graduate programme I undertook at the UWI was a truly life-altering experience. A common theme from the work I pursued was that of becoming an agent of change, particularly through my own paradigm shift. I experienced this repeatedly, every instance leading to a positive movement in my career and life as a whole.

Meeting, sharing with and learning from different peoples and cultures across the Caribbean and beyond was a true pleasure. The opportunity to expand my intellectual horizons was met with relish and purpose. Indeed, some of my greatest memories were those of the challenge and counter challenge of academic discourse that emerged during classes, seminars, office meetings.

My lecturers were dynamic, luminous individuals in their fields who crafted a space for me to grow and flourish as a scholar. The combination of nuanced academic and emotional support as well as the sometimes necessary scolding propelled me to the conclusion of my studies with insight and vigor.

The program has informed my actions as an administrator, leading me to embrace a philosophy of research-based planning and practice. Now, I stand poised to realise my ambitions as a truly meaningful contributor to Education in my territory.

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