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Richenda A. Deane  (SaintVincentAndTheGrenadines)



Job Title: Graduate Teacher, St. Vincent Grammar School
Qualifications: M.Ed. (Curriculum Theory, Planning & Practice), UWI Cave Hill
Graduation Year: 2013

My time at UWI Cave Hill was very memorable. 
My lecturers were very proficient, knowledgeable and  dedicated to ensuring that the students in the Curriculum programme excelled. We had the privilege our being the first batch of students enrolling in the Curriculum programme. This was a grand experience as we got the opportunity to asses and give feedback on the programme.
The Curriculum programme was extremely beneficial and memorable for us as educators as we got to interact with persons from around the globe as far as Samoa. UWI has paved the way for me in numerous ways, most notably the journey I am currently embarking on which is analysing curricula at a chain of schools in the USA.
I appreciated the diverse ways in which the materials were presented and classes were conducted in the Curriculum programme. I particularly enjoyed the social opportunities that came with life at Cave Hill. Being a student at the Cave Hill campus has allowed me to experience personal and professional growth. 

All in all, it has revolutionised how I view curriculum and has caused me to have a paradigmatic shift in my mind about what it means to be a 21st century educator.

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