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Faculty of Humanities and Education

School of Education


See what our students have to say about pursuing degrees with The School of Education.



Featured Testimonials

Marsha Gay

I have been able to apply many of the tenets of leadership to enhance my talents and skills  in both my personal and professional life.... Read my Story »

Gabrielle Mayers

What I enjoyed most about UWI is learning, whether it was during lectures, tutorials or just talking to others outside of class.... Read my Story »

Hollianne A. Defoe

In both formal and informal settings, we spent time having fruitful discussions that challenged us all to think outside the box.... Read my Story »

Susan McAllister

The atmosphere was one of sharing and ensuring that we succeeded together.... Read my Story »

Richenda A. Deane has revolutionised how I view curriculum and has caused me to have a paradigmatic shift in my mind about what it means to be a 21st century educator.... Read my Story »

Keisha Westby

UWI has helped me advance my career because the content area has been meaningful for me to apply in my country in my classroom practice to strengthen my students in their learning.... Read my Story »