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Faculty of Humanities and Education

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Featured Testimonials

Robin E. Douglas


​My lecturers were dynamic, luminous individuals in their fields who crafted a space for me to grow and flourish as a scholar.... Read my Story »

James E. J. Young


UWI is indeed a ‘potpourri’ of individuals from whom I have gained diverse perspectives that have influenced and shaped my outlook.... Read my Story »

Aliah Ephraim


My lecturers were very supportive with school work and even went above and beyond to support me when life got a bit too much and for that I am forever grateful.... Read my Story »

Diandra Nicholas


Studying Psychology was the best decision I have made...... Read my Story »

Adeola A. Matthew


My goal was simply to become a better teacher of English; but I received much more!... Read my Story »

Danny M Butcher


As a student I had the pleasure of creating friendships and connections with like-minded educational thinkers who are well set to transform the social, political and economic climate of the region.... Read my Story »

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