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Faculty of Humanities and Education

School of Education


Professor Donna-Maria B. Maynard

Professor Donna-Maria B. Maynard

Professor of Psychology (Clinical & Counselling Psychology)

Registered Psychologist

Department: School of Education


Prior to relocating from the UK, Professor Maynard had a range of work experience in mental health settings. In Barbados she entered the field of Education where she worked as a counsellor in both secondary and tertiary institutions. She attended The UWI and received her PhD Education - Educational Psychology in 2007. She has 20 years of work experience teaching Psychology and Counselling in the Caribbean at the  undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as providing training, research and clinical supervision for psychologists and counsellors in training.

Professor Maynard serves on the editorial board of the Caribbean Journal of Psychology and is a peer reviewer for the Canadian Journal of Counselling Psychology, British Journal of Guidance and Counselling, Journal of Black Psychology and the International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling. She is also an executive member of the Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Associations (CANPA) and a past President of the Barbados Association of Psychologists (aka The Barbados Society of Psychology).


  • Ph.D., The University of the West Indies, 2007
  • M.A, The University of Sussex,1994
  • B.Sc., The University of Warwick, 1992

Research Areas

Research Interests and Achievements:

Professor Maynard’s teaching and research interests span overlapping strands of clinical, counselling and educational psychology with emphasis on children and adolescents, identity development, disabilities, mental illness, sexuality, psychoeducational assessment and issues affecting students and teachers. Her current research addresses learning processes and the assessment of learning disabilities.

She has received the following awards for research and teaching:

  • The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill, Principal's Award for Excellence in Research (2019).
  • The UWI, Cave Hill, CETL/Guild Recognition Award for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning (2018).
  • The UWI, Cave Hill, Principal’s Award for Excellence in Teaching (2014)
  • The UWI Inaugural Campus Research Day Award for best collaborative research (2010)‚Äč
Main Research Projects:
Culturally appropriate psychoeducational assessment of learning disabilities.
The role and use of psychometric tests in the assessment of children in the English-speaking Caribbean will be explored: use of assessment instruments and interpretation of results; administration of tests to a representative sample of Caribbean adolescents with the intent of establishing norms.

Teaching Areas


  • PSYC 3011 - Capstone Research Project in Psychology 
  • PSYC 3028 - Psychological Counselling Skills 
  • PSYC 3017 - Contemporary Personality Theories and Assessment 
  • PSYC 3030 - Clinical Psychology 
  • PSYC3069 - Psychology Field Experience 
  • EDCL 6000 - School Counselling: Guidance Programmes & Professional Knowledge
  • EDCL 6001 - Individual and Group Counselling
  • EDCL 6002 - Fundamentals of Practice in Educational and Career Guidance
  • EDPS 6900 - Field Placement Practicum

Select Publications

Maynard, D-M.B., (2023). Capacity Building in Mental Health: Preparing Caribbean Psychologists for the Future. Journal of Mental Health Training, Education and Practice, 13(3), 195-204.

Maynard, D. M. B., Jules, M. A., & Marshall, I. A. (2023). Unearthing the common core for reflective teacher training in Antigua and Barbuda, England, and Canada. Power and Education, 15(1), 85-101.

Jules, M. A., Maynard, D-M. B., & Atherley, P. (2022). Exploring Caribbean Lecturers’ Psychological Competencies for Blended-Learning Practice [Special Issue] Social and Economic Studies, 71(1&2), 

Marshall, I. A.,z & Jules, M. A. (2022). Exploring Organisational Commitment of Teachers in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean, 20(1&2). Advance online publication. 

Griffith, S. F., Maynard, D. M. B., & Bagner, D. M. (2022). Barbadian teachers’ identification of social-emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges in young children. International Journal of School & Educational Psychology, 10(1), 29-45.

Jules, M. A., Maynard, D-M. B., Lowe, G., Lipps, G. A., & Gibson, R.C. (2021) A psycho-social analysis of depression, anxiety, and student engagement: Effects of parenting practices. Clinical Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 26(1), 110-120.

Maynard, D-M.B., & Jules, M. A. (2021). Exploring Her Roots: Black-Caribbean Hair Identity and Going Natural Using Social-Media Networks. The Journal of Black Psychology, 47(1), 3-30.

Jules, M. A., Maynard, D.-M. B., & Coulson, N. (2021). Youth Drug Use in Barbados and England: Correlates with Online Peer Influences. Journal of Adolescent Research. 36(3), 274 – 310.  doi:10.1177/0743558419839226

Additional Info

  • Registered Clinical Psychologist under the Paramedical Professions Act Cap. 372C, Barbados
  • Past President of the Barbados Society of Psychology
  • American Psychological Association, International Affiliate Member
  • Former member of the Paramedical Professions Council of the Ministry of Health
  • Past President of the Barbados Association of Guidance Counsellors
  • Member of the Caribbean Alliance of National Psychological Associations (CANPA)


Psychology, Education, Clinical Psychology, Psychotherapy, Counselling, Group Process, Career Guidance, Psychoeducational Assessment, Learning Disabilities, Adolescence, Emerging Adulthood, Pre-Service Teacher Training, Special Needs Education, Friendships, Peer Influence, Health-Risk Behaviours, Sexual Prejudice, Sexuality, Learned Helplessness, Depression and Anxiety, Identity, Coping Strategies, Sexting.