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Faculty of Humanities and Education

School of Education


Dr. Jason Marshall

Dr. Jason Marshall

Lecturer in Educational Psychology

Coordinator, DipEd (Primary & Secondary)

Department: School of Education


Dr. Marshall is an experienced educator, trainer, and research consultant. As an educator, he has core competencies in key areas of education, which include, instructional design, teaching and learning, and assessment. As a researcher, he specialises in research in a variety of fields pertaining to education, business, and organisational development. He is also well-versed in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies and data analysis techniques.


Ph.D. in Education (The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus), 2014
BA in Psychology with History (The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus), 2008

Research Areas

  • Psychosocial factors that affect teaching and learning
  • Student consumerism
  • Technology infusion in education
  • Educational leadership
  • Social Psychology of Education
  • Educational Reform
  • Parental Involvement
  • Self-directed learning
  • Student autonomy

Teaching Areas

Graduate Courses:
EDPS 6301: Personality Theory and Assessment
EDPS 6302: Social Psychology of Education

Undergraduate Courses:
EDPS1001: Introduction to Human Development
EDPS2011: Principles of Educational Psychology
EDPS3804: Principles of Social Psychology
EDRS2201: Introduction to Research Methods in Education
EDRS2202: Basic Data Analysis with the Computer

Select Publications

Book Chapters
Marshall, J. Thomas, K., & Robinson, S. (2016). ‘21st – Century Students in 20th Century Classrooms: Promoting Student–Centred Learning in MisMatched Caribbean Classrooms’ in Nor Aziah Alias, and  Johan Eddy Luaran, (eds). Student-Driven Learning Strategies for the 21st Century Classroom. USA: Information Science Pub. Pgs 140 – 159..
Hall, M., & Marshall, J. (2015). Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation within the context of modern education. In: Handbook of research on applied learning theory and design in modern education.
Journal Articles
Marshall, J. E., Maynard, D. M., & Marshall, R. (2015). Learning processes and academic achievement among secondary school students in Barbados. International Journal of Education, 7(3), 66-76.
Marshall, J., Fayombo, G., & Marshall, R. (2015). I paid for it, so I deserve it! Examining psycho- educational variables and student attitudes to higher education. International Journal of Higher Education, 4(4), 73-80.

Additional Info

I am a strong believer in encouraging students to be autonomous learners by taking responsibility for their learning outcomes. 


Assessment, instructional delivery, instructional design, learning, learning styles, and student motivation.