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Faculty of Humanities and Education

School of Education

Volume 5 Number 1 (Special Issue - Voices Afar)

CERJ Vol 5 No 1 Cover


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        S. Joel Warrican
      Dave A. Louis - (Guest Editor)

  • Mystory/Ourstory: Using Heuristic Inquiry as a Tool for Examining the Researcher’s Role in the Study of Caribbean Born Women in the Field of Mathematics in the U.S.
     Abstract & Ref  | Full Text 
     Dihema R. Longman & Janice B. Fournillier 
  • Civic Participation of Black Caribbean Youth and Adults within the U.K.
    Abstract & Ref  | Full Text 
    Anica Bowe & Nicole Webster
  • From Trini to Kiwi: The Lived-Experiences of a Caribbean Commonwealth Scholar Down Under
     Abstract & Ref  | Full Text
     W. Marc Jackman 
  • Caribbean Creativity in the North American Classroom: Deploying Difference and Ingenuity for Community-Engaged Pedagogy 
     Abstract & Ref  | Full Text
     Susan McFarlane-Alvarez 
  • Becoming Visible: Caribbean Student Experiences at U.S. Universities 
     Abstract & Ref  | Full Text
     Dyanis Conrad-Popova 
  • Reflections, Relationships, and Immigrant Contributions: Narratives of Afro-Caribbean Faculty Members in American Higher Education 
     Abstract & Ref  | Full Text
     Dave A. Louis, Keisha V. Thompson, Christine A. Stanley & Bertin M. Louis, Jr 
  •  A Jamaican Brit Navigating American Education: A Personal Narrative 
​     Abstract & Ref  | Full Text
     Kara-Aretha Graham 

  • Conducting Research in the Caribbean:  Peering Through the Lenses of Western Frames  
      Abstract & Ref ​ | Full Text
    S. Joel Warrican

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