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Faculty of Humanities and Education

School of Education

Caribbean Educational Research Journal - Volume 4, Issue 1 - April 2016


Table of Contents

  • Getting STEM Right from the Start: Using the Project Approach in Early Childhood Settings              
     Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
    Sabeerah Abdul-Majied & Sandra Figaro-Henry 
  • Education for Sustainable Development in the Caribbean: Demystifying the Concept to Enhance and Broaden Practice                                                                                                                                                        
     Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
     Therese Ferguson-Murray          
  • E-orality, Language Development and Communicative Competence of a Yoruba Child: Issues and Challenges
     Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
     Azeez Akinwumi Sesan & Lucky Aikabeli
  • Curriculum Design and its Relationship to Marketing of the Visual Arts                                                           
      Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
     Wendell R. Smith​ 
  • De-constructing Positionality in Academic Writing: A Reflexive Journey into Voice                                                
     Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
    Juliet D. Jones  
  • Understanding Entrepreneurial Attitudes, Intentions and Activity in Barbados
      Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
      Paul Pounder & Dwayne Devonish
  •  Universalising Secondary Education in the Caribbean: Contrasting Perspectives                                       
     Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
     Verna Knight  
  • Using Web 2.0 Technologies in a College Composition Classroom in the Caribbean: The Case of the Electronic Dictionary of Bahamian English                                                                                                          
     Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
     Raymond Oenbring    
  • Improving Caribbean Undergraduates’ Enjoyment, Engagement and Learning Using a 3D Role Playing Game                                                                                                                                                                       
    Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
    Paul Walcott & Nadia Corbin-Babb
  • Factors Affecting the Implementation of the Programming Component of the Information Technology Syllabus: Teachers’ Perceptions                                                                                                                           
     Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
     Shirdi Ali & Debra Ferdinand-James   
  • Issues and Challenges in Programme Renewal: Faculty Perspectives
    Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
    Jennifer Yamin-Ali       
  •  Nigerian Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions of Gender Roles and Stereotypes in Social Studies Classrooms
      Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
      Ayodeji Ifegbesan

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