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Faculty of Humanities and Education

School of Education

Caribbean Educational Research Journal - Volume 3, Issue 2 - September 2015


Table of Contents

  • The Role of Teacher Education in Supporting the Transformation of Early Childhood Education in Jamaica 
     Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
     Zoyah Kinkead-Clark
  • International Organizations and their Educational Mandates: Challenges for Small Islands in the Caribbean Region 
     Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
     Donna Swapp
  • Attitudes of Chemistry Undergraduate Students towards Mathematics at the UWI, Cave Hill Campus 
     Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
     Leah Garner-O'Neale and Akieya Cumberbatch
  • Learning Styles, Teaching Strategies and Academic Achievement Among Some Psychology Undergraduates in Barbados 
     Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
     Grace Fayombo
  • Developing Teacher Reflexivity and Communities of Practice Through the Incorporation of New Literacies in a Content Area Methods Course: A Case Study of Student Teachers' New Literacies Experience 
     Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
     Angelina Polius
  • Reframing Transformational Leadership for Education and Nation Building in the Caribbean 
     Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
     Phillip A. Smith, Dennis G. Francis and Andre Harper
  • Online Education and Academic Performance: The-Case of Online Tertiary-Students in the Caribbean 
‚Äč     Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
     Ashford Kerr
  • Gender Bias in the Performance of Trinidad and Tobago Students on PISA 2009 
     Abstract PDF | Full Text PDF
     Vivian Alexander and Yukiko Maeda
  • Education for Social Transformation in Nigeria 
     Abstract (PDF) | Full Text (PDF)
     Akinjide Aboluwodi

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