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Faculty of Humanities and Education

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Why Pursue the Associate Degree in Education (ADE)?

The Associate Degree in Education (ADE) is the premier initial teacher education programme for teachers in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean. 


Why should you choose the ADE?  Here’s why:

  • There are several areas to choose from (e.g. Early Childhood Education; Primary Education; Secondary Education, with focus on teaching different subject areas; Technical and Vocational Education)
  • It is recognised by The UWI as the equivalent of Level 1 (Year 1) of the Bachelor in Education degree (students enter the B.Ed. at Level 2)
  • It is recognised by the Ministries of Education in Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean (greater opportunities for employment)
  • It is accepted by other regional and international education institutions for entry to their degree programmes
  • If you are in the Eastern Caribbean, you can pursue your studies right at home at your national college 

 The ADE provides a pathway for further higher education qualifications.