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Faculty of Humanities and Education

School of Education

Pre-Conference Workshops

The Schools of Education Pre-Conference Workshops will give you the experience of renewed and refocused education awareness and understanding. Enjoy the experience with expert facilitators: Dr. Ian Marshall, Dr. Laurette Bristol, Professor James King and Dr. David Abraham. Workshops will run concurrently and require registration. Your experience will be an investment of US$50.00 per session.


Morning Sessions: 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (AST) 

Succession Planning and Talent Management in Schools

Dr. Ian Marshall

One of the main challenges faced by school administrators is being able to fill key positions as they become vacant.  In the absence of an institutionalized scheme for leadership transitions, the less that effective practice of cronyism often takes root, complete with its deleterious consequences including, increased employee apathy and reduced discretionary effort.  The Succession Planning and Talent Management in Schools workshop is therefore designed to present incumbent and aspiring principals/educational leaders with another more sustainable option.  In this workshop participants would be exposed to the strategies for facilitating the seamless transfer of leadership and provided with tools for effective talent management within the educational context.

Building Resilient Education Systems

Dr. Laurette Bristol

The 21st Century has been one characterized by unpredictability. Education systems and all its actors can only be sustainability resilient if they begin to coordinate their efforts around supporting communities of practices that create safe spaces for risk taking in learning and problem solving through learning. Building on the foundation established through the CARICOM Human Resource Development 2030 Strategy and using the illustrative examples of the CARICOM Standards for the Teaching Profession (Classroom Teachers, Education Leaders and Teacher Educators) and the CDB/ CARICOM/ OECS Learning Recovery and Enhancement Learning Programme (Let’s REAP) for Caribbean Schools, this workshop provides participants with the opportunity to articulate practices that enhance the resiliency of education systems through professional ethics of harmonization, flexibility, and reciprocity. 


Evening Sessions:1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. (AST)

Online Communities of Practice Inspiring Teacher Development 

Prof. Emeritus James King

This workshop aims to develop knowledge and strategies that lead teachers to communities of practice. When we study our own teaching, we discover “taken-for-granted” wisdom to share. We learn to read inspirational sources together, observe each other, visit each other’s teaching, trade our teaching, and share our materials; while we learn to discern and value the magic we each demonstrate as teachers.



Multimedia for Effective Teacher-Learner Connectedness

Prof. David Abraham

Multimedia is to daily living as oxygen is to life. We use it for presentations, for teaching, for communication, for entertainment, and so much more. This workshop will address the broad principles of multimedia to effectively communicate content and encourage engagement in an online environment. Anyone who uses multimedia for teaching, communication, and presentation will benefit. The presenter encourages attendees to have available a sequence of 3 – 4 slides of a presentation developed with any presentation tool. The rationale is to glean and immediately incorporate practical ideas to improve a presentation. Few could have an opportunity to showcase or discuss their before and after slides during the activity section of the workshop.