School of Education
Bachelor of Education: Social Studies Major (for Double Major)
*** The Double Major in Social Studies is available for continuing students
already registered in the Programme.


Students are required to pass a minimum of twelve (12) courses (36 credits) to qualify for the Major. Compulsory courses are marked with an asterisk. These courses are intended to allow students to: (i) acquire adequate/sufficient content knowledge for teaching Social Studies, and (ii) access a teachers’ training programme in the subject.

Level I Courses

Major Requirements
1. SOCI1002 - Introduction to Sociology I*
2. SOCI1000 - Introduction to Sociology II*

3-6. And at least four (4) of the following:
   ECON1002 - Introduction to Macro-Economics
   ECON1005 - Introductory Statistics
   GOVT1000 - Introduction to Political Analysis
   GOVT1001 - Introduction to Caribbean Politics
   HIST1004 - History of the Caribbean

Level II/III

Major Requirements

1. GOVT3018 - Caribbean Governance II*
2. SOCI3035 - Caribbean Social Problems*
3. And at least one (1) of the following:

   GOVT2010 - Politics of Developing Nations
   GOVT2016 - Caribbean Political Philosophy
   GOVT3017 - Caribbean Governance I
   TOUR2000 - International Tourism
   SOCI3013 - Caribbean Social Policy

Level II/III

Major Requirements

1-3. At least three (3) of the following:

   GOVT2024 - Contemporary Political Democracy
   GOVT2057 - e-Governance for Small Island Developing States
   GOVT3015 - International Politics and Political Economy
   GOVT3049 - Caribbean International Politics
   GOVT3025 - Trade and the Environment
   SOCI2013 - Caribbean Social Development
   SOCI2014 - Caribbean Kinship
   SOCI3004 - Sociology of Tourism
   SOCI3026 - Sociology of Development
   SOCI3027 - Gender and Development
   SOCI3033 - Drugs and Society
   SOCI3037 - Social Dimensions of Inequity and Marginalisation
   SOWK3037 - Social Dimensions of Inequity and Marginalisation
   SOWK3031 - Bio-Psychological Challenges of HIV/AIDS in the Caribbean
   TOUR2001 - Caribbean Tourism

* Students registering for these courses will require special permission.


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