Regulations for B.Ed. Scheme B (90 Credit Programme)


General – All Specialisations

To be eligible for admission to the programme, applicants must have satisfied:
  • the matriculation requirements of the University;
  • whatever special Faculty requirements may exist for entry to certain courses.

Special Education Specialisation

In addition to the General Qualifications above, an applicant must:
  • EITHER be a trained teacher in the area of Special Education, that is, must have completed at least a two-year Teachers’ College Certificate in Special Education at a satisfactory level OR
  • have successfully completed a two-year Teachers’ College Certificate and, in addition, have completed at least a one-year course in an area in Special Education at a satisfactory level OR
  • possess any other qualification deemed satisfactory by the School of Education.
Credit Exemption

a)   Students with appropriate professional qualifications and experience will be eligible for exemption from up to 30 credits of the

b)   Applicants who have completed the three-year Teachers’ College Diploma in Special Education at a satisfactory standard are
      also eligible for exemption from up to 30 credits of the programme.


To fulfill the requirements of the B.Ed. degree, students must:

a) complete at least 90 credits (30 courses), of which:
  • 12 credits (4 courses) must be taken from Foundation courses
  • 3 credits (1 course) must be taken to fulfill the Faculty Foreign Language requirement
  • 36 credits (12 courses) taken as compulsory courses in Education
  • 9 credits (3 courses) taken from Education courses in an area of specialisation
  • 6 credits (2 courses) or the equivalent derived from a study reporting an investigation of an educational problem (The B.Ed. Study)


Full-time programme
  1. This programme shall normally extend over a minimum of six semesters and a maximum of ten semesters of full-time study. Applicants who receive exemption from some of the credits necessarily will be able to complete the programme in a minimum of four semesters.
  2. A full-time student shall normally register for not more than fifteen and no fewer than twelve credits per semester.
 Part-time Programme
  1. The programme may be done partly through part-time study.
                  a)    Where part-time study is combined with full-time study, all requirements for the degree shall normally be completed
                        within twelve semesters.
                  b)    Normally, the minimum number of credits to be taken per semester shall be six, and the maximum, nine.

             2.   a)   The programme may also be done entirely by part-time study in a minimum of fourteen semesters and a maximum                             of eighteen.
                   b)   such a student shall be required to do a minimum of six credits (2 courses) and a maximum of nine credits (3 
per semester.

            3.   A student will be required to withdraw from the Faculty if after receiving a warning letter concerning his/her poor academic                        performance, the student’s GPA is less than 0.76 in the following semester.

            4.   For the award of the degree, candidates must obtain the required number of credits in the areas specified below:
     a)   Cross-faculty and University courses
     b)   Foundations of Education and Educational Theory
     c)   Professional specialisation, and the 
     d)   B.Ed. Study.

Submission of Assignments
           5.  a)   In order to achieve a pass in any assignment set as part of coursework, the assignment must, among other things, be                              submitted by the due date unless the student applies for an extension on the grounds of extenuating circumstances and                          receives written permission from the Head of Department.

                b)   Permission to make a submission after the due date must be supported by an approved medical certificate.

                c)   Assignments submitted after the due date on grounds deemed to be extenuating shall be examined without penalty.

                d)   Except as under c) above, late submission after the due date will be graded as incomplete.

             1.   a)   In order to be eligible for Honours, a student must normally pass all courses listed under the appropriate Scheme                           of Examinations for that degree at the first sitting, except as provided under b) below.

                  b)    A student who fails not more than two such courses at the first sitting and passes at the second sitting may still 
                         be awarded honours
. However, a student failing three or more of these courses may not be awarded Honours.

            2.   a)  Honours shall be awarded on the basis of performance in Faculty and Cross Faculty courses, provided that:
                          i)    no zero level and Level I courses are included
                          ii)   24 credits (8 courses) derived from the specialisation.

                   b)  To obtain First Class Honours the student must achieve an average of not lower than 3.60 points.

                   c)  To obtain Second Class Honours (Upper Division) the student must achieve an average of not lower than 3.0 points.

                   d)  To obtain Second Class Honours (Lower Division) the student must achieve an average of not lower than 2.0

Notification of Results

  • At the end of each semester a Pass List shall be published for the programme.
  • The results of the final examination shall be published in a separate Pass List, with the names of the successful students arranged alphabetically.
  • All other normal Faculty Requirements as specified in the regulations for the B.Ed. degree must be met.

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