School of Education
Regulations for Bachelor of Education: Scheme A

Scheme A: 60 Credit Programme


To be eligible for admission to the programme, an applicant must have satisfied:
  1. the matriculation requirements of the university;
  2. be a trained teacher, that is, must have successfully completed an approved programme of training for certification as a teacher in his/her country;
  3. possess a level of professional experience as a teacher that is deemed satisfactory by the Faculty.
  4. applicants shall normally be required to take an entrance examination which will form part of
    the assessment for admission;
  5. students holding a UWI Certificate in Education or an equivalent Certificate in Education from an approved University at an acceptable standard, may be exempted from the entrance examination.
The following requirements must be met when Level I, Level II and Level III courses are being selected



In view of the entry requirements for this programme, the Level I requirements are considered to have been fulfilled.
Programme Content


a)   At least 18 credits (6 courses) selected from the Foundations of Education and Educational Theory, embodying aspects of the
      Philosophy of Education, Psychology of Education, Sociology of Education, Curriculum Theory, Planning and Practice, Research   
      Methods in Education, Classroom Testing and Evaluation, Education and Social Development, Educational Administration,             
      Language and Communication in Education and such other aspects as the Faculty may prescribe.

b)   At least 6 credits (2 courses) from courses taken in any other Faculty, or the equivalent of such courses as specified by the School
      of Education, determined in connection with the professional specialization selected under (c) below.

c)   A minimum of six (6) credits (2 courses) derived from a professional specialization such as educational administration, teacher
     education, primary education, the teaching of secondary subjects, or such other specialization as the School may prescribe.


a)    Further work in the Foundations of Education and Educational Theory done at Level II for a minimum of twelve (12) additional

b)    At least six (6) more credits from courses taken in another Faculty or Department or the equivalent of such courses as specified by
       the School of Education.

c)    Further work in the professional specialization selected for a minimum of six (6) credits.

d)   Six (6) credits derived from a study (prepared in conjunction with a practicum/fieldwork) reporting an investigation of an educational
       problem. Students may, under exceptional circumstances, be permitted to vary this distribution of credits outlined in Levels II and III         above.


Full-time Programme
  • This programme shall normally extend over a minimum of four (4) semesters and a maximum of ten (10) semesters of full-time study.
  • A full-time student should normally register for not more than fifteen credits (5 courses) and no fewer than twelve credits (4 courses) per semester.
Part-time Programme
  • In the case of part-time study, the programme shall extend over a minimum of ten (10) semesters and a maximum of fourteen (14) semesters.
  • Normally, the minimum number of credits to be taken per semester shall be six (2 courses), and the maximum, nine (3 courses).
A student will be required to withdraw from the faculty if after receiving a warning letter concerning his/her poor academic performance, the student’s GPA is less than 0.75 in the following semester.

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