School of Education
Requirements for the Minor in Education (2018-2019)

Students are required to complete at least six (6) courses (18 credits) in Education which will comprise four (4) required courses and at least two (2) other courses.

Level I
1. EDPS1001:  Introduction to Human Development (**Psychology Majors - refer to footnote)

Level II
2. EDCU2101:  Introduction to Curriculum, Theory, Planning and Practice
3. EDRS2201:  Introduction to Research Methods

Level III
4. EDS03102:  Social Context of Education
5-6. Students will then select at least two (2) other courses - including at least one (1) at Level II and one (1) at
        Level III
from the following list:

  • EDPH2016:   Philosophy of Education
  • EDME2211:   Testing, Measurement & Evaluation
  • EDLA2112:    The Structure and Nature of Language Arts
  • EDMA2111:    The Structure and Nature of Mathematics
  • EDSC2110:    The Structure and Nature of Science
  • EDSS2113:     The Structure and Nature of Social Studies
  • EDEA2304:     Introduction to Educational Administration
  • EDSE2924:     Introduction to Special Education
  • EDTK3304:     Media and Technology in Education
  • EDTE3404:     Issues in Teacher Education
** NOTE: Students majoring in Psychology MUST complete a Level I Education Course other than EDPS1001 or EDPS1005 in 
                 order to fulfil the requirements of the Minor.

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