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Requirements for the Special in Psychology (2012 - 2013)
The Special consists of 54 credits (18 courses) in Psychology over the three (3) levels. Students are required to complete five courses in Psychology at Level I, seven courses in Psychology at Level II and six courses in Psychology at Level III, as set out below.

Level I

Major Requirements
1. PSYC1003 Introduction to Psychology
2. PSYC1004 Introduction to Social Psychology
3. PSYC1012 Introduction to Developmental Psychology
4. PSYC1013 Introduction to Research Methods
5. PSYC1015 Historical Issues in Psychology

Faculty Requirements
6. FOUN1001 English for Academic Purposes
7. FOUN1008 Rhetoric II: Writing for Special Purposes
8. One (1) Level I elective from within the Faculty, but outside of this Major
9. One (1) Beginners’ Foreign Language course if applicable OR Level I elective from within the Faculty, but outside of this Major (See Foreign Language Requirement)
10. One (1) Level I elective

Major Requirements
1. PSYC2002 Abnormal Psychology
2. PSYC2003 Physiological Psychology
3. PSYC2004 Personality Theory I
4. PSYC2022 Developmental Psychology II: Conception to Adolescence
5. PSYC2014 Statistics and Research Design
6. PSYC2008 Cognitive Psychology
7. One (1) Level II Psychology course

Faculty Requirements
8. FOUN121 Science, Medicine and Technology in Society
9. FOUN1301 Law, Governance, Economy and Society in the Caribbean
10. One (1) Level II elective

Level III

Major Requirements
1. PSYC3017 Personality Theory II
2. PSYC3028 Theory and Practice of Counselling
3. PSYC3030 Introduction to Clinical Psychology
4. At least one (1) course chosen from the following courses:
PSYC2009 Learning Theory and Practice
PSYC2018 Social Psychology of Sport and Exercise
PSYC3018 Forensic Psychology
PSYC3032 Psychology of Ageing
PSYC3020 Educational Psychology
EDPS3804 Principles of Social Psychology

Faculty Requirements
5-6. **PSYC3011 Research Paper (6 credits)
7-10. Four (4) Level III electives

**NB: The PSYC3011 Research Paper in Psychology done at level III is a year-long Faculty requirement for six (6) credits.

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