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Dr. Grace Adebisi Fayombo


Dr. Grace Adebisi Fayombo
Title: Lecturer in Developmental Psychology
Department: School of Education
Discipline: Psychology
  • Certificate in University Teaching & Learning (CUTL) - UWI Cave Hill
  • Ph.D. (Counselling & Dev. Psychology) - University of Ibadan, Nigeria                                   
  • M.Ed. (Guidance and Counselling)  -  University of Ibadan, Nigeria   
  • B.Ed. (English / Guidance & Counselling) - University of Ibadan, Nigeria  

Tel.: (246) 417-4435
Fax: (246) 417-9615
Teaching Areas:
  • PSYC 1012:  Introduction to Developmental Psychology
  • PSYC 3032:  Psychology of Ageing
  • PSYC 2022:  Developmental Psychology II: Conception to Adolescence   
  • PSYC 2009:  Learning Theory and Practice
  • EDPS 6310: Typical and Atypical Human Development
  • EDPS 6111: Psychology of Caribbean Children
  • EDFA 6010: Current Issues in Education 

Dr Grace A. Fayombo is a Lecturer in Developmental Psychology in the School of Education at UWI Cave Hill, since February 2008. She holds a Ph.D. degree (Counselling & Developmental Psychology). Her research areas are the developmental problems of the adolescents. She has published over 30 papers in refereed journals; attended national and international conferences and presented over 35 papers.

Dr Fayombo received an Award for Excellence in teaching and learning from the African Association for Teaching and Learning in October 2012 and was also presented the Principal Award for Excellence (Outstanding Teaching) at UWI Cave Hill, in December 2013.
Being a developmental psychologist, Dr Fayombo's early research topics were focused on adolescents’ developmental problems such as alcohol and substance abuse and the intervention programmes. However, it becomes imperative for her to also investigate problems in the areas of academic achievement and lecture attendance problems which informed my further studies on the strategies for motivating students to attend lectures and to be actively engaged during lectures, in order to learn and achieve academically.

Other areas of interest also include emotional intelligence, psychological resilience, personality traits, social and moral development which are also vital for successful transition from adolescence to adulthood stage. Presently, she is investigating the physical, cognitive, social and emotional development of Nigerian and Caribbean adolescents to expand literature in this area.

Additionally, psychology has not really received good attention in the area of research in the Caribbean, hence she is making valuable contributions to a research pool for the Psychology of African-Caribbean People.
Fayombo, G.A. (2015). Teaching Strategies, Learning Styles and Academic Achievement among some Undergraduate Psychology Students in Barbados. Caribbean Educational Research Journal, 3(2), 46-61.

Marshall, J. E., Fayombo G., Marshall, R. (2015). I Paid for It, so I Deserve It! Examining Psycho-Educational Variables and Student Consumerist Attitudes to Higher Education. International Journal of Higher Education, 4(4), 73-80. doi:10.5430/ijhe.v44p73. Available at:

Maynard, D-M. & Fayombo, G. A. (2015). Influence of parental employment status on Caribbean adolescents' self-esteem. International Journal of School and cognitive Psychology, 2(1), 1-6. doi:10.4172/1234-3425.1000123

Fayombo, G. A. (2014). Enhancing learning outcomes in Psychology through active learning strategies in classroom and online learning environments. International Journal of Learning and Development, 4(4), 114-130. doi:10.5296/ijld.v4i4.6703. Available at:

Fayombo, G. A. (2014). Promoting student engagement and learning outcomes in psychology course through technology infused learner-centred strategies. In Veiga, F. (Coord.) Students’ Engagement in School: International Perspectives of Psychology and Education, Lisboa. (pp. 687 -703). Available at:

Fayombo, G.A. (2012). Relating emotional intelligence to academic achievement among some university students in Barbados. The International Journal of Emotional Education, 4(2), 43-54. Available at:

Fayombo, G.A., Babalola, B.J., Olaleye, Y.L. (2012). Cross institutional study of the causes of absenteeism among the university students in Barbados and Nigeria. Journal of Educational and Developmental Psychology, 2(1), 122-136. doi:10.5539/jedp.v2n1p122. Available at:
Additional Information:
When she is not engaging in academic pursuits, Dr Fayombo enjoys Exercising and Church Activities. 

On Sabbatical Leave  - 2017/2018 Academic Year

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