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Dr. David Samuel


Dr. David Samuel
Title: Temporary Lecturer in Science Education
Department: School of Education
Discipline: Education
  • Ph.D. Science Education - Cave Hill Campus, UWI
  • Exec. Dip. School Management and Administration - St. Augustine Campus, UWI
  • M.Sc. Marine Resources and Environmental Management - Cave Hill Campus, UWI
  • Dip.Ed. Science Education - Cave Hill Campus, UWI
  • B.Sc. Chemistry and Biology (Hons) - Cave Hill Campus, UWI

Direct line: 246-417-4709
Teaching Areas:
Undergraduate Courses:
  • The Structure and Nature of Science
  • Health Education Pedagogy
Postgraduate Courses:
  • Learning and Teaching Science
  • Measurement and Assessment in Science and Technology Education
  • Issues in Science and Technology Education       
  • Trends in Curriculum Development in Science Education
Biography: David Samuel is a Science education professional with 35 years’ experience in the education sector in the OECS and beyond.  He has effectively functioned at multiple levels in the teaching profession from a graduate science teacher to a principal and then a science education lecturer at the tertiary level.  Through this experience, he has become very knowledgeable about the education system in the region as well as the many issues impacting the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process at the various levels of the education system.
Research: Current research areas include:
  • Integrated approach to Science instruction
  • Impact of teachers’ cognition on instructional practices
Publications: Samuel, D.F. & Ogunkola, B.J. (2015).  Elementary school teachers’ epistemological beliefs as predictors of their inquiry-based practices in Science instruction.  International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education, 4(6), 101-112.

Samuel, D.F. & Ogunkola, B.J. (2013). St. Lucian elementary school teachers' applicability beliefs and beliefs about Science teaching and learning: Relevance to their level of inquiry-based instructional practices in Science.  International Education Studies, 6(7), 48-65.

Samuel, D.F. & Ogunkola, B.J. (2013). Elementary Teachers’ Educational Beliefs and Their Instructional Approaches: In Search of a Meaningful Relationship.  British Journal of Education, Society, & Behavioural Sciences, 3(2), 109-131.

Ogunkola, B.J. & Samuel, D. (2011).  Science teachers' and students' perceived difficult topics in the Integrated Science curriculum of lower secondary schools in Barbados.  World Journal of Education, 1(2),  17-29.
Additional Information: Dr Samuel has developed an intense interest in research targeted at issues facing the education system in the region.  His PhD thesis on teachers’ beliefs impacting their instructional practices earned him an award for Outstanding Thesis Awarded with High Commendation.  Since then, he has so far published four papers on science educational issues in peer-reviewed journals as well as presented at two regional conferences. 

Dr Samuel is also very passionate about sustainable development issues especially regarding community involvement in the conservation of the natural environment.  This also extends to an interest in environmental education at all levels of the education system in the region.

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