Academic Staff

Professor S. Joel Warrican Professor S. Joel Warrican,   Professor of Education (Language, Literacy and Cross-Linguistic Studies)

Dr. Stacey Blackman Dr. Stacey Blackman,   Senior Lecturer in Special Education

Dr. Sheron Burns Dr. Sheron Burns,   Lecturer in Early Childhood Education

Dr. Grace Adebisi Fayombo Dr. Grace Adebisi Fayombo ,   Lecturer in Developmental Psychology

Dr. Claudette Fongkong-Mungal Dr. Claudette Fongkong-Mungal,   Senior Lecturer in Curriculum Studies

Dr. Ian Marshall Dr. Ian Marshall,   Lecturer in Educational Leadership

Dr. Grace-Anne Jackman Dr. Grace-Anne Jackman,   Lecturer in Testing and Measurement

Dr. Mia Jules Dr. Mia Jules,   Lecturer in Experimental and Physiological Psychology

Dr. Verna Knight Dr. Verna Knight,   Lecturer in Social Studies Education

Dr. Coreen J. Leacock Dr. Coreen J. Leacock,   Senior Lecturer in Mathematics Education

Professor Donna-Maria B. Maynard Professor Donna-Maria B. Maynard,   Professor of Psychology (Clinical and Counselling Psychology)

Dr. Babalola Ogunkola Dr. Babalola Ogunkola,   Senior Lecturer in Science Education and Evaluation

Dr. Sandra P.A Robinson Dr. Sandra P.A Robinson,   Lecturer in English Education

Dr. Jennifer Deanne Ford Dr. Jennifer Deanne Ford,   Temporary Lecturer in Psychology & Education

Professor Arthur Richardson (Emeritus),   Professor of Education Psychology

Professor Winston King (Emeritus),   Professor Emeritus


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