Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature
Faculty and Staff: Modern Languages

Dr. Desrine Bogle Dr. Desrine Bogle,   Lecturer in French

Dr. Isabelle Constant Dr. Isabelle Constant,   Senior Lecturer in French and Francophone Literatures

Dr. Ian Craig Dr. Ian Craig,   Senior Lecturer in Spanish

Mr. Terrence Inniss Mr. Terrence Inniss,   Foreign Language Assistant, French

Prof. Kahiudi C. Mabana Prof. Kahiudi C. Mabana,   Professor of Francophone African and Caribbean Literature

Mr. Marco A. Schaumloeffel Mr. Marco A. Schaumloeffel,   Lecturer in Brazilian Studies

Mr. Glindon Welch Mr. Glindon Welch,   Foreign Language Assistant, Spanish

Dr. Hélène Zamor Dr. Hélène Zamor,   Lecturer, French

Paula Gonzalez Paula Gonzalez,   Spanish Lectora

Dr. Rosana Herrero-Martín Dr. Rosana Herrero-Martín,   Lecturer in Hispanic Studies

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