Requirements for the Double Major in French and Spanish
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The Double Major requirements is 72 credits - 36 in French (18 in language and 18 in literature) and 36 in Spanish (18 in language and 18 in literature). Students must complete Level I language and literature courses before begining any Level II or Level III courses. The following courses are mandatory:

Level I

Major Requirements:
1. FREN1401 - French Language IA
2. FREN1402 - French Language IB
3. FREN1303 - Introduction to French Literature
4. FREN1304 - Caribbean and African Literature in French
5. SPAN1001 - Spanish Language IA
6. SPAN1002 - Spanish Language IB
7. SPAN1214 - Introduction to Hispanic Culture
8. SPAN1205 - Introduction to Literature in Spanish

Faculty Requirements:
9. FOUN1001 English for Academic Purposes
10. Either FOUN1002 Language: Argument OR FOUN1003 Rhetoric I: The Writing Process

NB: Students will note that FREN0101, FREN0102, and FREN0103; SPAN0101, SPAN0102 and SPAN0103 do not count towards the Major.


Level II

1. FREN2001 - Advanced French I
2. FREN2004 - Advanced French II
3-4. Plus any two Level II French Literature courses (may include Francophone Culture)
5. SPAN2001 - Spanish Language IIA
6. SPAN2002 - Spanish Language IIB
7-8. Plus any two (2) Level II Spanish Literature courses.

Faculty Requirements: 
9. FOUN1210 Science, Medicine and Technology in Society
10. FOUN1301 Law, Governance, Economy and Society in the Caribbean

Level III

1. FREN3101 - French Translation
2. EITHER FREN3003 - International Business French OR FREN3014 - French for Tourism
3-4. Plus any two Level III French Literature courses.
5. SPAN3001 Spanish Language IIIA
6. SPAN3002 Spanish Language IIIB
7. SPAN3608 Spanish Caribbean Literature
8. One of the following:
  • SPAN3504 Spanish Translation
  • SPAN3502 International Business Spanish
  • SPAN3503 Spanish for Tourism
  • SPAN3707 Latin American Short Story
Faculty Requirements:

9-10. HUMN3099 Caribbean Studies Project (6 credits)

Students should note that SPAN 2414 Latin American Film count as a Literature course.

NB: Students will note that SPAN0101, SPAN0102 and SPAN0103 do not count towards the Major.


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