Dr. Richard Clarke


Dr. Richard Clarke
Title: Senior Lecturer in Literary Theory
Department: LLL
Discipline: Literature
Qualifications: BA (First Class Hons., UWI), MA (YORK), PHD (with high commendation, UWI)
Contact: Room: A3
Tel.: (246) 417-4390
Fax: (246) 424-0634
E-mail: richard.clarke@cavehill.uwi.edu
External webpage: www.rlwclarke.net
Teaching Areas:
Biography: I received my secondary education at Harrison College where, on the basis of my A-Level results, I earned a Barbados Scholarship in 1981. I was awarded the BA in English and French (First Class Honours) by the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill in 1984. I subsequently won a Commonwealth Scholarship (Canada) and received the MA in English at York University in 1989. It was there, too, that I won a Canadian SSHRCC award and commenced my PhD which I subsequently completed here at Cave Hill in 1997. I am currently Senior Lecturer in Literary Theory in the Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature here at Cave Hill where I have served on several occasions as the Coordinator of Graduate Studies and, more recently, as Coordinator of the Literatures in English programme where I regularly teach courses in Romantic poetry, The History of Criticism, Modern Critical Theory, and Post-Structuralisms and Post-Colonialisms.

Much of my work is located, broadly speaking, at the intersection of philosophy (especially, so-called ‘Continental’ and ‘Pragmatist’ philosophy), literature and literary criticism.  To be precise, I specialize in so-called ‘Theory’ (in Richard Rorty’s sense of this term) and, more specifically, in literary and rhetorical theory in particular. 

Though I also publish in the normal academic fora (i.e. printed books and journals), I am also a keen supporter of the Open Access movement (for more information, visit: http://www.earlham.edu/~peters/fos/overview.htm).  To this end, I have undertaken several initiatives to make publicly available, online and for free, rigorous academic scholarship that would otherwise languish in dusty tomes read by very few.  With these goals in mind, I have compiled (and continue to compile – a never-ending task) the PhilWeb Bibliographical Archive: Theoretical Resources Off- and On-Line (http://www.phillwebb.net/); I edit the online Encyclopedia of Theory (http://www.literary-theory.net/); and I am the editor of the online peer-reviewed journal, the first such academic journal in the Caribbean, Shibboleths: a Journal of Comparative Theory and Criticism (http://www.shibboleths.net/). I am also responsible for a blog, Philosophy’s Other: Theory on the Web (http://philosophysother.blogspot.com/), again the first of its kind in the Caribbean, which is a portal that serves to disseminate calls for papers and announcements of recent publications and developments of interest in the field to ever increasing numbers of readers and subscribers.

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