Dr. Nicola Hunte


Dr. Nicola Hunte
Title: Lecturer
Department: LLL
Discipline: Literature
Additional Titles: Coordinator - Literatures in English
Qualifications: BA, PhD (UWI)
Contact: Room: A26
Tel.: (246) 417-4409
Fax: (246) 424-0634
E-mail: nicola.hunte@cavehill.uwi.edu
Biography: Nicola Hunte is a doctoral graduate of the Literatures in English programme of Cave Hill, UWI. She began her academic relationship with the university as a UWI Open Scholar and continued in her post-graduate experience as the beneficiary of the UWI-Emory exchange. Dr. Hunte has lectured in the areas of literary criticism and Caribbean literature as well as for introductory courses to drama, poetry and prose fiction.
Research: Wilson Harris’s critical essays; African-American women’s writing; Afro-diasporan literary criticism.

Dr. Hunte has published part of her doctoral thesis in “Notions of Myth, Gestures of Masquerade,” Shibboleths: A Journal of Comparative Theory. 2.1 (December 2007).  The entire dissertation has been published as a monograph, entitled Omeros and Beloved through Wilson Harris’s Cross-Cultural Imagination with Lambert Academic Publishing in 2010.  She has also published a review of the Dramaworks (Barbados) Ltd. Production of “Pantomime” in CHILL News, Issue 10, November 2009

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