Dr. Korah Belgrave - Head of Department


Dr. Korah Belgrave - Head of Department
Title: Lecturer in Linguistics and Communication Studies
Department: LLL
Discipline: Linguistics
Qualifications: BA (UWI), MA (Leeds), PhD (UWI)
Contact: Room: X6
Tel.: (246) 417-4421
Fax: (246) 424- 0634
E-mail: korah.belgrave@cavehill.uwi.edu
Biography: Korah Belgrave teaches Linguistics courses and has responsibility for the Minor in Communication Studies. 
She coordinated the Humanities Festival in 2015 and the Humanities Extravaganza in 2016. Dr Belgrave was a member of The UWI’s Committee to celebrate Barbados’ 50th Anniversary of Independence and represents the Faculty in several activities

Barbadian Standard English, Bajan Creole English, teaching English to speakers of a related vernacular, teaching English to speakers of other languages, language and communication in the Anglophone Caribbean, language and the media, establishing language standards.



Belgrave, Korah. “The Development of Communication Studies at The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus: Lessons From the Trenches”. The Journal of Human Communication Studies in the Caribbean. vol. 1, no.1, 2015, pp. 43-53.

Belgrave, Korah. “‘Defining the Limits’: Making Judgements about Barbadian Language”. Transcultural Roots Uprising: The Rhizomatic Languages , Literatures, and Cultures of the Caribbean, edited by  N. Faraclas, R. Severin, C. Weijer,  E. Echteld, M. Hinds-Layne and E. Lawton De Torruella, FPI Fundashon Pa  Planifikashon Di Idioma,  2013, pp. 355 -364.

Belgrave, Korah, and Stacy Denny. “Bajan Dialect”.  The Electronic World Atlas of Variation in English,  edited by Bernd Kortmannn,  and Kerstin Lukenheimer, Mouton de Gruyter, 2011.


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