Santander, Spain - Curso de Lengua y Cultura Españolas (summer, one month +)


***Visit UWI Inmersión en España on Facebook for photos, videos etc.***

Who: All UWI students with an interest in learning Spanish and the culture of Spain and who have completed level one of their degree may apply for this programme (language groups for total beginners are available). Spanish Majors and Minors will be given priority and should ideally aim to do the programme at the end of level two.

Who with: Current Cave Hill Lectora (Spanish language and culture teaching assistant) Paula González is a regular staff member at UIMP in summer and will liaise with the UWI group to ensure the smooth running of the programme.

Where: Santander, Cantabria, Spain, Las Llamas Campus of the Universidad InternacionalMenéndez Pelayo (UIMP).

What: Click here to see the UIMP's description of the course. Accommodation may be homestay with a local family or in a hall of residence on campus.

What else: Santander is a small city, around 180,000 people, but like all Spanish cities it has plenty going on, particularly as it is well connected with the rest of Europe through its status as a port - there's a ferry service to England - and the prestige of the UIMP. It has well-known beaches and many elegant urban spaces and notable public buildings. The locals are very accustomed to foreigners and proud of their friendly, cosmopolitan reputation. If you know some Spanish, try out Miplanhoy to get an idea of what's going on in and around the city. 

When:    Course dates for 2018 are 2 July -27 July. Assuming arrival on 1 July and departure on 29 July.
total days = 28.
Important deadlines:
i) by -  i) by 24 Feb 2018 -  Pay $100 registration fee to Dept. of Language, Linguistics and Literature.
Submit your application forms for the course of study and for accommodation. Early submission greatly increases

your chances of securing accommodation on campus.

 ii) by 2 May 2018 -   Pay airfare to travel agency as advised by organizers
iii) by 5 June 2018-   Pay course fees and accommodation reservation fee to UIMP as advised by organisers.

How much: Approximate total cost = B$9550 (c. US$4775). See draft budget below for breakdown. (The cost is set high to cover unexpected eventualities and avoid disappointment; actual participants so far have spent a total in the region of B$8000-$8500 all-inclusive).

Why: The UIMP has very extensive specialised experience offering Spanish language and culture courses and the Las Llamas campus has acquired considerable prestige by being exclusively devoted to this endeavour (when Cave Hill students travelled there in 2012, the Irish Head of State was also enrolled in one of the Language and Culture courses). It is very flexible in tailoring elements of the academic programme to the needs of individual institutions; Cantabria and Santander offer the charm and cultural richness of Spain, but at some remove from the heavy tourist concentrations of the Southern and Eastern coasts or the very big cities such as Barcelona or Madrid (though you may wish to arrange to visit these at the end of the programme at UIMP, if you can afford it.).

Note:  As of May 28 2015, citizens of Trinidad and Tobago, Saint Lucia, Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Dominica are beneficiaries of a  Schengen visa-free regime and thus do not require a visa for Spain or other countries in the Schengen area. Caribbean nationals do not generally require a visa for transit through the UK (you can check here). However, particularly as your return leg involves exiting the airport and overnighting in London (and therefore may be treated as a tourist rather than transit visit), you are advised to walk with the same documents as if you were applying for a visa: same documents. 

Programme Director: Ian Craig (

Draft Budget:

Item US$  BD$ Notes
Registration fee 50 100 Non-refundable, payable to the Department for administration of the programme
Flight Barbados-London-Madrid-Santander-Madrid-Barbados; bus transfers in London 1750 3500 Approximate cost; if you sign up you will receive info. on the actual cost as soon as it is available.
Hotel (Overnight return trip) per person 75 150 Approximate cost; if you sign up you'll receive info. on the actual cost as soon as it is available.
Travel Insurance 135 270 You purchase this if you need it (some frequent travellers have all-year-round coverage).
Course of Study for one month 632 1264
Spanish Language and Culture, total 100 hours.

Accommodation 528 1056  =28 days @ 27 Euros/day (single room in homestay; includes breakfast). For single room on campus, subtract B$420; for double room on campus, subtract B$1065 

Other Expenses 500 1000  
Total Cost BD$   7500  

* Costs subject to change; you will be advised of all relevant changes in due course after sign-up.

** If you wish, you can stay longer to get maximum return on your Atlantic crossing: add approx. B$1000 total per extra week of stay beyond the standard four (including additional week of Spanish tuition). 

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