Spanish Immersion Programme: Which Programme is best for me?

Programme A: Mexico vs. Programme B: Spain at a glance

  Mexico Spain
Cost Cheaper because it’s closer and a cheaper country. More expensive because it’s further away and a Euro country – but see course of study.
Flight and visa It’s much easier to get to Mérida via Miami than through Trinidad, Panama etc., or Colombia-Costa Rica, both of  which require a layover. A US visa is therefore highly recommended for this option. Many CARICOM nationals do not now require a visa for Spain or the Schengen area, or the United Kingdom. Check the links on the page for this option.
Course The course is quite a bit cheaper, but far fewer hours. The lighter load may suit you if you want more time to do your own thing or engage with the local environment outside the classroom.  The course is pretty much double the number of hours – you’ll be in a classroom more and will likely improve language skills more intensively.
Climate Mérida is hot and humid: in July, usual daily high of 34°, low of 24°. Santander is cool: in July high of 23°, low of 17°, with 12 hours of sunshine.
Accommodation Home-stay with a local family is currently the only option for this programme. You may opt for home-stay or on- campus accommodation in a hall of residence – which considerably lowers the cost – for this programme.
Reasons for preferring… Mexico over Spain
  • I just can’t afford Spain.
  • I want cultural immersion and like the home-stay idea.
  • I’m better with heat than cold.
  • I get bored if I’m in a classroom too much, however dynamic.
  • Free Wi-Fi in all public parks…
Spain over Mexico
  • I really want to improve my language level intensively.
  • I’m better with cool than heat.
  • The campus is awesome…
  • I want to visit Barcelona, then Paris, with a friend when the course is done...

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