Requirements for a Minor in Creative Writing

For the Minor in Creative Writing, students will be required to take six (6) courses for eighteen (18) credits, distributed as follows:

1.     LITS 1005 Writing About Literature
2.-3. Two of the following:
LITS 1001 Introduction to Poetry
LITS 1002 Introduction to Prose Fiction
LITS 1003 Introduction to Drama

4. LITS 2603 Creative Writing: Poetry
5.. LITS 2604 Creative Writing: Prose Fiction

6.. One of the following:
LITS 3003 Contemporary Poetry
LITS 3102 Contemporary Prose Fiction
LITS 3111 Contemporary Science Fiction

*For students taking the Literatures in English Major/Special, the level II and III courses selected above, cannot also be counted as credits for courses taken to satisfy the Major/Special requirements.


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