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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature


The Narrative Mode of Language, Mind and Consciousness

As a (self)enquiry application model this project explores the double narrative and emotional nature of human thoughts and self-stories from a holistic and transformative perspective. The focus of attention is placed on the narrative mode of language, that is all that repertoire of stories through which we (re)present the world, disclose and hide our experiences, even identify ourselves with to a greater or lesser extent. In addition, awareness is raised about aspects of subjectivity and affect that accompany, determine and skew each and every one of the stories we tell and are told at individual and collective level (from dreams, excuses, to family secrets, historiographic and mythic discourse, just to mention a few). 
As a didactic application model, this project has a triple objective: (1) analyze the main narratological elements structuring every story, as well as their underlying neurolinguistic and emotional correlates; (2) raise awareness among our L2 students of narrative-neurolinguistic-emotional mechanisms, and finally (3) consolidate the student’s autonomous narrative expression in the target language. 
This research project has a  multi-disciplinary approach, falling at the crossroads between:  
  • Philosophy & Psychology
  • Linguistics
  • Languages
  • Hispanic Literatures


Herrero-Martin, R. “Didactic Workshop on Narrative Consciousness and Expression in Spanish-as-a-Second Language Literature Classroom”. The American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese Ontario Chapter Annual Conference. University of Toronto, November 9, 2019. 
Herrero-Martin, R. “Depicting Family Past Narratives –A Pen & Brush Self-Enquiry Workshop”. Paint & Groove Art Studio, Maxwell, Barbados, June 26, 2019. 
Herrero-Martin, R. (paper in prep.) “Moody Narratives: Making Sense oour Emotions and Self-Stories”. 

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Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature
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