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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature

Research Highlights

The faculty members of the Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature are active researchers, leading as scholars of the Humanities for the region as a whole. To learn more about the many avenues of research that individuals pursue in our Department, click below.

Archetypal analysis of the Orishas in Cuban contemporary culture

Exploring the quantum notion of polarity, or complementary opposite, within the paths or avatars of the Orishas, ​​name with which the archetypal experiential energies or divinities of the syncretic religious rule of Ocha-Ifa are known in Cuba.


Becariño: Cuadernos de español del Caribe para el Caribe.

Preparation of a series of OER teaching and learning workbooks for the Spanish intermediate-advanced classroom in the Caribbean.


Dictionaries and Language Contact

Dictionaries document the speech of a language community, but no language community is completely isolated from all others. Thus, this research examines how language contact affects the development, content and ideology of dictionaries.


Linguistic Atlas of the Caribbean

This atlas will show the variation in the many Caribbean languages, allowing people to compare across varieties and territories, using an interactive and informative digital interface. It will spotlight the cultural unity of the region, and highlight the important ways we show our diversity.


The Caribbean in Digital Spaces

An examination of the construction of Anglophone Caribbean identities through the narratives of online video postings.


The Caribbean Study Abroad Research Project

Most international research in this area has been focused on students from large countries. This project aims to: Understand how and why Caribbean students study abroad. Use the data to enhance study abroad experiences undertaken through The UWI.


The Narrative Mode of Language, Mind and Consciousness

This research project focuses on the narrative mode of language and aims to be both an enquiry and a didactic application model.


Translating Caribbean Creole Proverbs

A collection of 222 French-lexified and English-lexified Creole proverbs from the Caribbean, with similar syntactic and lexical features. It challenges the translation theory that proverbs can only be translated using equivalents which, oftentimes, do not retain lexical and syntactic features.


Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature
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