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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature

Allsopp Centre: Staff

Jason F. Siegel, Director

Dr Siegel is a specialist in French-based Creoles, especially the Creole of French Guiana, as well as in New World varieties of French. He was trained by Albert Valdman and Kevin J. Rottet, the eminent lexicographers of Louisiana Creole and French. Dr Siegel worked for them doing etymologies for a differential dictionary of Louisiana French. A native of the United States, he did his graduate degrees at Indiana University-Bloomington, where he completed a dissertation on code-switching between French and two French-based Creoles (Haitian and Guianese) in Cayenne. In addition to lexicography, Dr Siegel is an active scholar in sociolinguistics. His current research focuses on Caribbean lexicography, dictionaries & language contact, and the French of St Barth. You can find out more about Dr Siegel on his personal website.
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Krista St. Juste, Stenographer/Clerk

KristaMiss Krista St. Juste is the Stenographer/Clerk at the Centre. Having joined the Centre in 2012, she is the first person you will see and meet upon entering the office. She oversees the administrative and clerical duties as well as provides administrative support to the Centre's Director and to the Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature. Before completion of her BA degree in French and Spanish, her interest in Caribbean Lexicography piqued after auditing two undergraduate Linguistics courses - Study of Caribbean Words and Making of Caribbean Glossaries. That combination of experiences has led her to discover that lexicography is a field which requires hard work, plenty of dedication, and paying close attention to detail. Although challenges which may arise, the results are always rewarding.  
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