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Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature

Allsopp Centre: Publications

The Centre has published a number of dictionaries, in addition to an edited volume on language in the Caribbean.

Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage, ed. by Richard Allsopp
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This dictionary laid the foundation for the Centre of Caribbean Lexicography. One of the Caribbean’s foremost lexicographers, Prof Richard Allsopp compiled this differential dictionary of the use of English throughout the region during his time at UWI-Cave Hill. The book has broad coverage and is a must-have for scholars who work on Caribbean English. It also includes a multilingual supplement by Dr Jeannette Allsopp, the founder of the Centre.

Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage:School Edition, ed. by Jeannette Allsopp and Wendy Griffith-Watson

The Dictionary is the first of its kind in the region and seeks to achieve a similar objective to its parent, the original Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage by Richard Allsopp and published by Oxford University Press in 1996, namely, to educate the Caribbean people, and specifically the children of the Caribbean region, aged 11 to 18, about their linguistic and cultural heritage and to help them to recognize their unique Caribbean identity.

The Caribbean Multilingual Dictionary of Flora, Fauna, and Foods, ed. by Jeannette Allsopp
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This multilingual dictionary is the first of its kind in the Caribbean. Dr Jeannette Allsopp expands on her supplement to the Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage to provide an extensive listing of different animals, plants, and foods of the Caribbean, with translations from English into French, French Creole, and Spanish.

New Register of Caribbean English Usage, ed. by Richard Allsopp
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This is the first official publication of the Centre after its founding in 2007. Published posthumously, this volume is a small supplement to Prof Allsopp’s Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage. It covers the major new words to appear in the Caribbean in the 15 years between the end of editing the DCEU and the founding of the Centre.

Language, Culture, and Caribbean Identity, ed. by Jeannette Allsopp & John R. Rickford
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This volume is a festschrift (A volume of learned articles or essays by colleagues, serving as a tribute or memorial) to Prof Richard Allsopp, which features contributions on a wide range of subjects, including creole linguistics, lexicography, folklore, music, and education.

It features contributions from some of the leading scholars in the fields of lexicography and Caribbean linguistics, including Mervyn Alleyne, John R. Rickford, John Simpson, Jeannette Allsopp, Hubert Devonish, and Hazel Simmons-McDonald.  It is the second of the Centre’s official publications.

Carisur Culinair Dictionair Surinams-Nederlands/Caraibisch-Engels, ed. by Renata de Bies & Jeannette Allsopp


This dictionary came out of the Centre in 2013. It is a bilingual culinary dictionary of Suriname Dutch and Caribbean English and is the first dictionary of the Centre to include Dutch.

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