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Jeannette Allsopp and the Oxford English Dictionary
The relationship between Oxford and the Richard and Jeannette Allsopp Centre for Caribbean Lexicography dates back decades. The Allsopps’ magnum opus, the Dictionary of Caribbean English Usage, was published 25 years ago by Oxford University Press (OUP). However, coverage of Caribbean English words in the most comprehensive and authoritative dictionary of English, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), did not match the standard set for other important English-speaking parts of the world in its first two editions.

Dr. Jeannette Allsopp, founder and former Director of the Richard and Jeannette Allsopp Centre for Caribbean Lexicography, has acted for several years as the OUP Consultant for Caribbean English to the Third Edition of the OED, a position that Prof. Richard Allsopp had also occupied. This new edition of the OED is being released in stages online, replacing the Second Edition entries or being added as new ones. The latest release, three weeks ago, features many important updates to the Caribbean English entries, finalised by Dr. Allsopp.

As a result of this important work, Oxford is spotlighting Dr. Allsopp’s contributions with a number of interviews. Click on this link to read an article based on one such interview from the London-based publication Caribbean Intelligence, about this exciting new development.

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