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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature


¡Bienvenidos al programa de español de la Universidad de las Antillas, Recinto Cave Hill!

With millions of speakers in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico – not to mention the coastline of Central and South America – Spanish is far and away the most spoken language of the Caribbean. Indeed, it is the most spoken language in the Western Hemisphere. Leaders from around the CARICOM region have declared their desire to have Spanish as the main foreign language of their countries. There is a constant presence of Spanish in the West Indies, whether written or spoken, and a firm command of the language through a major or minor at Cave Hill puts anyone at an advantage in getting or improving their job.


What to do with a degree in Spanish
Foreign Language skills offer employment opportunities in a wide range of professions such as:
Diplomacy Précis Writing Journalism
Hospitality Law Medicine
Translation Administration Public Relations
Education Tourism Marketing
Interpreting Research Foreign Affairs/Service

For information on Spanish placement, click here.
  • Movie nights: Spanish-language movies are screened monthly.
  • Foreign Language Theatre: When possible, the various campuses of The UWI team up to organize a theatre showcase in French and Spanish, with students as the actors. The competition is usually held on a different campus each year.

Getting the Best out of your time at UWI:

You are encouraged to take an active part in the Language Club, visit Spanish-speaking territories, listen to Spanish-speaking radio stations, read magazines and newspapers in Spanish (a number of these are available in the Sidney Martin Library and from members of staff) and speak Spanish as often as possible, in order to expose yourself to the practical use of the language. You should make maximum use of research facilities offered by the library, and of the material available in the Language Laboratory and the Learning Resource Centre for listening/viewing, in order to improve your speaking skills and knowledge of your area of study. Other groups in Barbados contributing to the development of Spanish studies are:
  • The Venezuelan Centre for Culture and Cooperation;
  • The Cuban Embassy

Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature
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