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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature

Placement information

Entry to Spanish and French Courses & Programmes

The following table explains the streaming system for students entering the French and Spanish programmes or taking courses in those languages (for full information on how to register, consult the relevant Faculty Handbook and other literature provided).
The system is designed to place you at a level that suits your exposure thus far to the language in question. If you are in any doubt about the information provided, please contact the Modern Languages Coordinator.
Remember, you will have several weeks at the beginning of the semester during which your registration can be changed. If you feel you are in the wrong group, you should alert your Lecturer immediately so that we can assess whether you should move.

Click on the sentence that best describes you and your knowledge of the language
Courses to register for:
  • FREN/SPAN 0101 (Beginners French/Spanish I), either semester
    • This will apply to you if
    • 1. you are seeking to fulfil the Faculty of Humanities and Education requirement that you take a foreign language course if you do not have a CXC in one, or
    • 2. you simply have an interest in learning a new language from scratch.
  • FREN/SPAN 0102 (Beginners French/Spanish II)
  • You will take two years to finish Level One in the language (assuming you pass all courses), which you need to do to take the literature courses necessary for a major
  • Consult with your advisor to make the best plan to finish all courses on schedule
  • FREN1401/SPAN 1001 (French/Spanish Language 1A)

(Students enjoy weaving Colombian crafts)

  • Contact the Modern Languages Coordinator before registering for any course


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