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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature

Modern Languages

Are you dynamic? curious? open-minded? Do you want to travel and meet people who are different from you? Do you want to be able to read classic works in their original language? If so, a career in modern languages might be right for you!

Foreign languages are the gateway to the rest of the world. At Cave Hill, our excellent language programmes equip you to study and live abroad with a high level of competency. Click to learn more about French and Spanish.

The study of second languages offers transferable life skills in intercultural communication, discipline, critical thinking and adaptability. They combine well with any discipline to develop these "soft skills", known to enhance employability in today's world. About half of the world's population is bilingual or multilingual. Start your journey here!

Click here to see the Vision, Mission and Diversity Statement of the Discipline of Modern Languages.

What do Cave Hill students do with their majors and minors in Modern Languages?
- Participate in the French programme d’assistants - nine-month English Assistantship in France
- Participate in the UWI-ICETEX Language Assistants programme in Colombia
- Study in a Spanish programme with a worldwide reputation for excellence in Spain
- Pursue our MA in Caribbean Studies, an MPhil or a PhD
- Work locally, regionally or internationally in fields such as tourism and hospitality, translation, diplomacy, education.

Yes, internships are available!
I’m not looking to major or minor in a language. What can Modern Languages offer me?

If you are a student from the Faculties of Medical SciencesLawScience & Technology or Social Sciences who is interested in expanding your horizons and marketability, you can now substitute a non-compulsory Foundation Course with a course in Chinese, French, Portuguese or Spanish, according to your current level in the language (beginner, post-beginner, intermediate, advanced)

The Discipline of Modern Languages runs The UWI-Cave Hill Translation Bureau. Click here for more information.

Some helpful facts about the study of modern languages:
  • A person who speaks more than one language is called a polyglot. A linguist is someone who studies Linguistics.
  • Interpreting is the act of rendering a message spoken in one language into another spoken language. Translation is the written equivalent.
  • A good interpreter is not necessarily a good translator and vice versa. They require very different skills.
  • The study of literature, especially in a foreign language, develops your critical thinking and analytical skills.


Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature
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