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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature


Conversation symbol | Free SVGLinguistics is the science of language. We try to understand the things that influence how we speak: our history, our minds, our peers. Language is a puzzle of infinite possible pieces that fit together in certain ways, and a BA in Linguistics is the key to figuring that puzzle out!

We take a scientific, value-neutral approach to language, which means we don’t say that certain forms of language are better or worse. Instead, we describe and try to explain the various different forms of language that we come across, in a scientific way based on data. We recognise the value of all human language varieties, and we believe that mastery of Standard English and preservation of Caribbean languages and dialects can go hand in hand. If this sounds exciting, look into our postgraduate degrees in Linguistics now!

Students are required to take courses in Descriptive Linguistics. These courses allow students to talk in technical terms about the building blocks and operations of language. They include sounds, words and phrases. 

At Cave Hill, we are particularly strong in Applied Linguistics, which concerns the teaching and learning of language. This has an impact on all sectors, as it touches on literacy, writing, and mastery of different varieties like Standard English, Bajan and other languages of the Caribbean. Our capabilities in these areas are an engine for our economy and society. 

Diverse Group of Students working on project vector clipart image ...Some of our most popular courses are in the field of Sociolinguistics. Sociolinguistics studies the connection between language and society. This includes how people from different places, backgrounds and cultures express themselves. It also includes the field of language policy, which is how governments and other institutions regulate decisions about which languages are official, taught and used in their daily business. 

Another important field is Lexicography, which is the making and study of dictionaries. Students in these classes learn about words, their origins, their relationships and their description. They also learn about the making and use of dictionaries. Click here to learn more about Lexicography.

Finally, Communication Studies is an allied field of Linguistics that examines human communication more broadly, particularly through the media. Students learn both practical and theoretical approaches to communication, skills that serve them well in careers in journalism and social media management.

Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature
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