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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature


The Department prides itself on being a hub of interdisciplinary study, but recognises that not everyone has an in-depth understanding of what each discipline studies.
  • Linguistics studies language from a scientific perspective, collecting data from native and non-native speakers to discover patterns in how people talk, and challenging common narratives that there are ways of speaking that are somehow broken or less valuable than others.
  • Literatures in English looks — not only at the canon of British literature, but also at a broad range of literary work — whether poetry, theatre, or prose fiction, from across the English-speaking world, particularly in the West Indies and other postcolonial societies.
  • Modern Languages does more than just teach grammar and vocabulary; it also teaches a nuanced cultural perspective of the societies and literatures of the places where those languages are spoken.
  • The Academic Literacies Programme goes beyond remediation to teach valuable writing skills of value to students from all disciplines for their careers in and out of the university setting.

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Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature
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