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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature

Foundation Language Courses

Course descriptions

All courses listed are offered in both semesters.

FOUN 0100 Fundamentals of Written English
This course is required by all students entering the University who: were not exempted from the Proficiency Test; did not pass the test or did not take the test at all. The course is designed to: (1) develop the students’ competence in academic writing; (2) equip them with the ability to evaluate oral and written rhetoric; and (3) develop skills in language usage required for university education and the workplace.

FOUN1003 Introduction to Creative Non- Fiction (formerly Rhetoric I: The Writing Process)​
This course introduces the skills required for writing about ‘real life’ creatively, and preparing scholarly, narrative research papers.

FOUN1004 An Introduction to Argument (formerly Language: Argument)
This course is designed to develop the critical and analytical skills of the student in the area of argument (emotional and logical).

FOUN1006 Exposition for Academic Purposes (formerly English for Academic Purposes)
This course is designed to: (1) equip students with the study and research skills they will need in order to get the maximum benefit from all their courses at the University; (2) familiarize them with the linguistic situation in the Caribbean and break down common misconceptions they usually have about it; (3) introduce students to the rhetorical modes of discourse; and (4) develop skill in critical thinking and reading.

FOUN1008 An Introduction to Professional Writing (formerly Rhetoric II: Writing for Special Purposes)​ (Not for Humanities and Education students)​
This course is designed to help students develop skills common to all professional, workplace-oriented writing, whether in business or science.

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