China boasts a rich history and culture. Mandarin Chinese is spoken by over 1 billion people worldwide and China's rapid economic growth means that its influence internationally will continue to increase. Interesting Fact: Unlike French, Spanish and Portuguese, Chinese has no verb conjugations nor gender-specific nouns...
  • If you are interested in combining your Major with a Minor in Chinese, please click on the link to the Minor above.
  • If you would rather simply learn some Mandarin through elective courses for UWI credit, please see the two level-one Beginners courses below.
  • If you are interested in learning Chinese but not for UWI credit (with the option of taking the internationally recognised HSK qualification), please visit the website of the Confucius Institute at the Cave Hill Campus.

Students from the Faculties of Medical Sciences, Law, Science and Technology, and Social Sciences can now substitute one Foundation Course for a Cave Hill course in a foreign language at a level appropriate to their prior exposure, as determined by the Discipline of Modern Languages (note that you may not substitute specific Foundation courses that your Faculty requires you to take). Courses are available in Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Contact the Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature for further information.

Beginners Chinese Courses (For Credits) Please consult CHOL for timetables

CHIN 1001 - Beginners' Chinese I  (formerly CHIN0101)

No prerequisite. Offered in semester one. This course will introduce the students to the study of the Chinese language and culture and enable them to communicate at a basic level in every-day life situations with speakers of the language. This course will also introduce students to the essentials of Chinese grammar and syntax; to writing of Chinese characters and to the Chinese specific linguistic feature of tone. This course is taught by the LLL Lecturer in Chinese, Mr. Zailiang Liu (

CHIN 1002 - Beginners Chinese II  (formerly CHIN0102)

Prerequisite: CHIN1001 (formerly CHIN0101). Offered in semester two This course follows on from CHIN 0101 and will enable the students to widen their vocabulary and master an increased number of Chinese characters. The students will also acquire and learn to use additional basic sentence patterns and expand their knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture. This course is taught by the LLL Lecturer in Chinese, Mr. Zailiang Liu (
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