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Requirements for the Major in French (2013/2014)
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A minimum of 36 credits are required for a Major in French, 18 in Language and 18 in Literature. Students must pass both written and oral components in order to pass the course.

Level I

Major Requirements:

1. FREN1401 French Language IA
2. FREN1402 French Language IB
3. FREN1303 Introduction to French Literature
4. FREN1304 Caribbean and African Literature in French

Faculty Requirements:

5. FOUN1001 English for Academic Purposes
6. Either FOUN1002 Language: Argument OR FOUN1003 Rhetoric I: The Writing Process
7-8. Two (2) Level I electives from within the Faculty, but outside of the French Major
9-10. Two (2) Level I electives from any Faculty.

Level II

Major Requirements:

1. FREN2001 Advanced French I
2. FREN2004 Advanced French II
3-4. Plus any two (2) Level II French Literature courses (may include Francophone Culture).

Faculty Requirements:

5. FOUN1210 Science, Medicine and Technology in Society
6. FOUN1301 Law, Governance, Economy and Society in the Caribbean
7-10. And four (4) Level II/III electives.

Level III

Major Requirements:

1. FREN3101 French Translation
2. Either FREN3003 International Business French Or FREN3014 French for Tourism
3-4. Plus any two (2) Level III French Literature courses.

Faculty Requirements and Electives:

5-6. *HUMN3099 Caribbean Studies Project (6 credits)
7-10. Plus any four (4) Level II/III electives

NB: Students who are required to take the Beginners’ courses in French should note that these courses can replace the two free electives at Level I.

Students should also note that for the purpose of fulfilling these requirements, FREN2214 Francophone Culture is considered a Literature course.

* Students must pass both written and oral components of the the language course in order to pass the course overall.

TOTAL CREDITS For Award of the BA Degree (French Major):
  • Major Requirements: 36 credits (12 courses)
  • Faculty Requirements: 24 credits (8 courses)
  • Electives: 30 credits (10 courses)
  • TOTAL: 30 credits (90 courses)

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