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The Caribbean’s proximity to Latin America makes Spanish a preferred language of study for increased employment opportunities. Additionally, another Caribbean neighbour, the Unites States of America, is home to a large Hispanic community.
Undergraduate Offerings

Minor in Spanish
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Spanish
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Spanish & French
Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Spanish with a minor. Minors from which to choose include: International Relations, French, Brazilian Studies

Students from the Faculties of Medical Sciences, Law, Science and Technology, and Social Sciences can now substitute one Foundation Course for a Cave Hill course in a foreign language at a level appropriate to their prior exposure, as determined by the Discipline of Modern Languages (note that you may not substitute specific Foundation courses that your Faculty requires you to take). Courses are available in Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Contact the Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature for further information.

What to do with a degree in Spanish
Foreign Language skills offer employment opportunities in a wide range of professions such as:
Diplomacy Précis Writing Journalism
Tour Guiding/Hospitality  Law Medicine
Translation  Administration Public Relations
Education Tourism Marketing 
Interpreting Research Foreign Affairs/Service

Entry to Spanish and French Courses & Programmes
The following table explains the streaming system for students entering the French and Spanish programmes or taking courses in those languages (for full information on how to register, consult the relevant Faculty Handbook and other literature provided).

The system is designed to place you at a level that suits your exposure thus far to the language in question. If you are in any doubt about the information provided, please contact the Modern Languages Coordinator.
Remember, you will have several weeks at the beginning of the semester during which your registration can be changed. If you feel you are in the wrong group, you should alert your Lecturer immediately so that we can assess whether you should move.
Current Level Course for which you should register  
Further details
I am a total beginner Register for FREN/SPAN 0101
(Beginners French/Spanish I)
This will apply to you if you are seeking to fulfil the Faculty of Humanities and Education requirement that you take a foreign language course if you do not have a CXC in one, or you may simply have an interest in taking such a course. On passing this course, which is offered in both semesters, you will qualify to continue into FREN/SPAN 0102 Beginners French/Spanish II the following year, if you wish.
I have a CXC only in the language I wish to study Register for FREN/SPAN 0102
(Beginners French/Spanish II)
You will thus take two years to finish Level One in the language (assuming you pass all courses). If you are Majoring in the language and thus need to take literature courses, you must take these in your second year: you need to pass Beginners II and III in language before tackling the literature courses. Use the first year to take all necessary Foundation Courses, courses for any Minor you are taking, or necessary electives (see relevant Faculty Handbook).
I have a CXC AND both units of CAPE or an A-level in the language I wish to study Register for FREN1401/SPAN 1001 (French/Spanish Language 1A) Please note that your Associate Degree title must contain the name of the language you wish to study at Cave Hill.

I have a CXC AND a BCC Associate Degree with French/Spanish as a major subject area Register for FREN1401/SPAN1001 (French/Spanish Language 1A)  
I have taken and passed FREN/SPAN 0102 and FREN/SPAN 0103 Register for FREN1401/SPAN 1001 (French/Spanish Language 1A)  
I do not fit into any of the above categories OR
My formal qualifications may not accurately reflect my level
Contact the Modern Languages Coordinator
  • I have had significant exposure to the language through immersion or a parent who speaks it.
  • I only completed or passed one unit of CAPE in the language.
  • My qualifications are from a system outside the Anglophone Caribbean.
  • I am bilingual in, or a native speaker of, a Romance language other than the one I wish to study (e.g. CXC only in Spanish, but native speaker of Portuguese).
  • I have no qualification but have studied the language and am thus not a beginner.
Graduate Offerings
The Spanish section provides supervision in the Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programmes in Hispanic Literature, Film and Culture.
The MPhil Degree
The PhD Degree

For more information, contact the Graduate Secretary Ms. Claudette King at 417-4404 or
Students are advised that certain courses may demand special prerequisites, and these should be checked for each course. In general, passes at Level I in both language and literature are required for entry to all Level II and III courses. Students who wish to take a course for which they do not meet the prerequisite should consult the course Lecturer, the Coordinator and/or the Head of Department.
Each year, the top student in Spanish at each level is awarded the Departmental Foreign Language Prize.
Language Laboratory
The Cave Hill Language Laboratory uses state-of-the-art Sanako technology. Equipped to afford students optimum interactivity individually and in groups, the lab is central to both classroom and independent hour sessions. Students are encouraged to utilize the lab for programmed independent sessions for improving listening, grammar and writing skills.

Getting the Best out of your time at UWI:

You are encouraged to take an active part in the Language Club, visit Spanish-speaking territories, listen to Spanish-speaking radio stations, read magazines and newspapers in Spanish (a number of these are available in the Sidney Martin Library and from members of staff) and speak Spanish as often as possible, in order to expose yourself to the practical use of the language. You should make maximum use of research facilities offered by the library, and of the material available in the Language Laboratory and the Learning Resource Centre for listening/viewing, in order to improve your speaking skills and knowledge of your area of study. Other groups in Barbados contributing to the development of Spanish studies are:
  • The Venezuelan Centre for Culture and Cooperation;
  • The Cuban Embassy
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