Requirements for the Special in Literatures in English
Students, especially those who intend to teach and/or who wish to pursue postgraduate studies in the field, are encouraged to do a ‘Special’ in Literatures in English. To this end, students are required to pass a minimum of nineteen (19) courses (57 credits) in the field. These must be chosen according to the indications given below:

Level I

Major Requirements:

1. LITS1001 Introduction to Poetry
2. LITS1002 Introduction to Prose Fiction
3. LITS1003 Introduction to Drama

Faculty Requirements:

4. FOUN1001 English for Academic Purposes
5. Either FOUN1002 Language: Argument OR FOUN1003 Rhetoric I: The Writing Process
6. One (1) Level I elective from within the Faculty, but outside of this Major
7. One (1) Beginners’ Foreign Language course* OR Level I elective from within the Faculty, but outside of this Major.
8-10. Three (3) Level I electives from any Faculty

* See Foreign Language requirement for more details.

Level II/III

(At least three courses must be taken at Level III)

Major Requirements:

1. LITS2901: Literary Research Methods

2-3. At least two (2) of the following Prose Fiction courses:
  • LITS2101 Novel I
  • LITS2102 Novel II
  • LITS2117 The American Novel
  • LITS2118 African-American Fiction
  • LITS3101 Modern Prose Fiction
  • LITS3102 Contemporary Prose Fiction
4-5. At least two (2) of the following Poetry courses:
  • LITS2001 Poetry I
  • LITS2002 Poetry II
  • LITS2005 Chaucer
  • LITS2013 Milton
  • LITS3001 Modern Poetry
  • LITS3003 Contemporary Poetry
6-7. At least two (2) of the following Drama courses:
  • LITS2201 Drama I
  • LITS2202 Drama II
  • LITS2203 Shakespeare I
  • LITS2204 Shakespeare II
  • LITS2207 Introduction to Shakespeare
  • LITS2209 Renaissance Drama
  • LITS2499 Drama and Theatre Arts (6 credits)
8-10. At least three (3) of the following courses in West Indian Literature and Culture:
  • LITS2501 West Indian Literature
  • LITS2502 Caribbean Women Writers
  • LITS2514 West Indian Literary Classics I
  • LITS2516 West Indian Literary Classics II
  • LITS3501 Advanced Seminar in West Indian Literature
  • LITS3502 West Indian Literature: Special Author Seminar
11-12. At least two (2) of the following courses in African, Diasporic and Post-Colonial Literatures:
  • LITS2404 African Prose Fiction
  • LITS2801 African Writing and Orality
  • LITS3601 African Literature I
  • LITS3602 African Literature II
  • LITS3603 African Film
  • HUMN2702 Women Writers of Africa and the Caribbean
13-14. At least two (2) of the following Critical Theory courses:
  • LITS2306 History of Criticism*
  • LITS2307 Modern Literary Theory
  • LITS3301 Issues in Criticism
  • LITS3303 Modern Critical Theory
  • LITS3304 Post-Structuralisms and Post-Colonialisms
*This course is the prerequisite for all other Theory courses and should be done first, preferably upon entering Level II.

15-16. At least two (2) of the following courses or any courses listed above not already taken:
  • LITS2603 Creative Writing: Poetry
  • LITS2604 Creative Writing: Prose Fiction
  • LITS2403 Caribbean Popular Culture I
  • LITS3405 Caribbean Popular Culture II
Faculty Requirements:

17. FOUN1201 Science, Medicine and Technology in Society
18. FOUN1301 Law, Governance, Economy and Society in the Caribbean
19-20. HUMN3099 Caribbean Studies (6 credits)

NB: At least three (3) of the courses chosen from the preceding categories must be at Level III

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