Requirements for the Major in Literatures in English
In order to major in Literatures in English, all students are required to pass a minimum of thirteen (13) courses (39 credits) in the field. These must be chosen according to the indications given below:


Major Requirements:
1. LITS1001 Introduction to Poetry
2. LITS1002 Introduction to Prose Fiction
3. LITS1003 Introduction to Drama

Faculty Requirements:
4. FOUN1001 English for Academic Purposes
5. Either FOUN1002 Language: Argument OR FOUN1003 Rhetoric I: The Writing Process
6. One (1) Level I elective from within the Faculty, but outside of this Major
7. One (1) Beginners’ Foreign Language course* OR Level I elective from within the Faculty, but outside of this Major
8-10. Three (3) Level I electives from any Faculty

*See Foreign Language Requirement for more details.



Major Requirements:

1. LITS2901 Literary Research Methods

2-3. At least two (2) of the following Prose Fiction courses:
  • LITS2101 Novel I
  • LITS2102 Novel II
  • LITS2117 The American Novel: A Survey
  • LITS2118 African-American Fiction
  • LITS3101 Modern Prose Fiction
  • LITS3102 Contemporary Prose Fiction

4-5. At least two (2) of the following Poetry courses:
  • LITS2001 Poetry I
  • LITS2002 Poetry II
  • LITS2005 Chaucer
  • LITS2013 Milton
  • LITS3001 Modern Poetry
  • LITS3003 Contemporary Poetry

6-7. At least one (1) of the following Drama courses:
  • LITS2201 Drama I
  • LITS2202 Drama II
  • LITS2203 Shakespeare I
  • LITS2204 Shakespeare II
  • LITS2207 Introduction to Shakespeare
  • LITS2209 Renaissance Drama
  • LITS2499 Drama and Theatre Arts (year-long -- 6 credits)

7-8 . At least two (2) of the following courses in West Indian Literature and Culture:
  • LITS2501 West Indian Literature
  • LITS2502 Caribbean Women Writers
  • LITS2514 West Indian Literary Classics I
  • LITS2516 West Indian Literary Classics II
  • LITS3501 Advanced Seminar in West Indian Literature
  • LITS3502 West Indian Literature: Special Author Seminar
9 . At least one (1) of the following Critical Theory courses:
  • LITS2306 History of Criticism*
  • LITS2307 Modern Literary Theory
  • LITS3301 Issues in Criticism
  • LITS3303 Modern Critical Theory
  • LITS3304 Post-Structuralisms and Post-Colonialisms
*This course is the prerequisite for all other Theory courses and should be done first, preferably upon entering Level II.
10.  At least one (1) of the following courses or any course listed above not already taken:
  • LITS2403 Caribbean Popular Culture I
  • LITS2404 African Prose Fiction
  • LITS2603 Creative Writing: Poetry
  • LITS2604 Creative Writing: Prose Fiction
  • LITS2801 African Writing and Orality
  • LITS3405 Caribbean Popular Culture II
  • LITS3601 African Literature I
  • LITS3602 African Literature II
  • LITS3603 African Film
  • HUMN2702 Women Writers of Africa and the Caribbean

Faculty Requirements:

11. FOUN1201 Science, Medicine and Technology in Society
12. FOUN1301 Law, Governance, Economy and Society in the Caribbean
13-14. HUMN3099 Caribbean Studies Project (6 credits)
15-20. Plus six (6) Level II/III electives from any Faculty

NB: At least three (3) of the courses chosen from the preceding categories must be at Level III.

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