Requirements for the Minor in Communication Studies

Students pursuing a Minor in Communication Studies are required to take six courses for eighteen (18)
credits as follows:


Level One
The following courses are required:
COMS 1101    Introduction to Human Communication (3 credits)
COMS1104     Introduction to Public Speaking (3 credits)
Level Two
The following courses are required:
COMS 2901     Communication theory (3 credits)
FILM 2110        Production Tools (3 credits)
In addition, students must  choose ONE of the following:
COMS 2600     Communication and Caribbean Society (3 credits)
COMS 2902     Communication Studies Research Methods (3 credits)
Level Three
Students must choose ONE course from the following to complete 6 credits:
COMS 2201      Intercultural Communication (3 credits)
COMS 2104      Advanced Technical Writing (3 credits)
COMS 3001     Communicating for Business (3 credits)
COMS 3000     Writing for the Mass Media: News writing (3 credits)


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