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Requirements for the Major in Linguistics (2015-2016)

Level I Level II Level III

In order to major in Linguistics, you must complete at least twelve (12) three-credit courses in Linguistics, for a total of thirty-six (36 credits), distributed as follows:

Level I

Major Requirements:

The following three courses which form the general prerequisites to Level II and Levell III courses:

1. LING1001 - Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology
2. LING1002 - Introduction to Morphology and Syntax
3. LING1005 - Introduction to Language

 Faculty Requirements:

Students must also complete the following to satisfy their Level I requirements:
4. FOUN1001 English for Academic Purposes
5. Either FOUN1002 Language Argument OR. FOUN 1003 Rhetoric 1: The Writing Process
6. One (1) Level 1 elective from within the Faculty, but outside of this Major..
7.One (1) Beginners' Foreign Language course *OR Level I elective from within the Faculty, but outside of this Major.
8-10. Three (3)  Level I Electives from any Faculty

*The Foreign Language Requirement applies only to students who do not have a CXC Grade 1, 2 or 3 (grade 3 after 1998) in a foreign language or equivalent, in which case they must register for one of the basic courses in Spanish or French or Portuguese. Students who possess a foreign language, may register for an elective offered within the Faculty but outside the Linguistics major.

† Prerequisites: Pass in English Proficiency Test OR Exemption from Proficiency Test OR Pass in FOUN0100

‡ Please note that students who possess CAPE Communications at Grade I may be exempted from taking FOUN1001. However, you are advised that this is not for credit and you will be required to take another Level I course to make up the 10 courses.

Total: 10 courses (30 credits) required at Level I

N.B. Students who have successfully completed LING1401 and LING1402 prior to 2008-2009 are not required to take LING1001, LING1002 or LING1005.

Level II

Major Requirements:

A minimum of four (4) courses which must include:

1. LING2004(L20D) - Semantics
2. LING2801(L28A) - Phonology
3. LING2802(L28B) - Syntax
4. LING2099 - Research Methods in Linguistics

Level II Faculty Requirements and Electives:

5. FOUN1210 - Science, Medicine and Technology in the Twentieth Century.
6. FOUN1301 - Law, Governance, Economy and Society in the Caribbean.
7-10. Four (4) Level II/III Electives from any Faculty

Total: 10 courses (30 credits) at Level II

Level III

Major Requirements:

A minimum of five (5) courses of which at least three must be at Level III (not including HUMN3099 or its substitutes) are required to complete 36 credits. These must include:

1. LING3201 - Caribbean Dialectology
2. LING3202 - Creole Linguistics
3-5. Three  Level II/III Linguistics (LING) courses

Other Level III Faculty Requirements and Electives:

6-7. *HUMN3099 Caribbean Studies Project  (6 credits).
8-10. Three Level II/III electives from any Faculty

*All final year Linguistics majors must register for a year-long research paper HUMN3099 (the equivalent of two courses and worth 6 credits). All proposed topics must be cleared with the Coordinator, Linguistics.

TOTAL CREDITS For Award of the BA Degree (Linguistics Major):
  • Major Requirements: 36 credits (12 courses)
  • Faculty Requirements: 24 credits (8 courses)
  • Electives: 30 credits (10 courses)
  • TOTAL: 30 credits (90 courses)

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