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Course Descriptions

Please note changes to Foundation Language Programmes:

FOUN 0100 - Fundamentals of Written English
This course is required for all students entering the University who have not passed the English Proficiency Test previously at a date announced before the start of the academic year. N.B. This course is NOT required for Law students who have passes in both English Language and English Literature at A' Level. FOUN 0100 is a preliminary course, i.e. it does not count for credit towards the degree. It aims to produce competence in comprehending and writing Standard English. The aim of this course is to equip students with (a) an understanding of the mechanics of Standard English and (b) essential essay-writing skills.
FOUN 1006 -  Exposition for Academic Purposes (formerly English for Academic Purposes)
This course is designed to: (1) equip students with the study and research skills they will need in order to get the maximum benefit from all their courses at the University; (2) familiarize them with the linguistic situation in the Caribbean and break down certain misconceptions they usually have about it; and (3) introduce students to the rhetorical modes of discourse.
FOUN 1004 - An Introduction to Argument (formerly Language Argument)
This course is designed to develop the critical analytical skills of the student in the area of argument (emotional and logical).
FOUN 1003 - Introduction to creative Non-Fiction ( formerly Rhetoric I: The Writing Process)
This course will focus on the writing process, specifically the development of writing for different purposes.
FOUN 1008 -  An Introduction to Professional Writing (formerly Rhetoric II: Writing for Special Purposes)
This course is designed to equip students across the disciplines (and particularly the Social Sciences, Law, and Science and Technology) with skills in business, technical and scientific writing.
FOUN 1101 - Caribbean Civilization
(NOT FOR HUMANITIES STUDENTS) This course aims to develop an awareness of the main process of cultural development in Caribbean societies, highlighting the factors, the proplematics and the creative output that have fed the emergence of Caribbean identities; to develop a perception of the Caribbean as a wider than island nations or linguistic blocs; to stimulate students' interest in, and commitment to Caribbean civilization and to further their self-determination.

FOUN 1210 - Science, Medicine and Technology in Society
The overall aim of the course is to develop the ability of the student to engage in an informed manner in public discourse on matters pertaining to the impact of science, medicine and technology on society.

Administered by the Faculty of Science and Technology (formerly Pure and Applied Sciences)
FOUN 1301 - Law, Governance, Society and Economy in the Caribbean
This is a multi-disciplinary course of the Faculty of the Social Sciences designed mainly for non-Social Sciences students. The course will introduce students to some of the major institutions in Caribbean society. It will expose them to both historical and contemporary aspects of Caribbean society, including Caribbean legal, political and economic systems. In addition, Caribbean culture and associated Caribbean social problems are discussed.

Administered by the Faculty of Social Sciences.


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