MA in Caribbean Studies: Literatures

MA Caribbean Studies: Overview MA Caribbean Studies: Literatures


1. Compulsory Core Courses:
  • CARI6000 Contemporary Caribbean Literature Across Languages
  • CARI6001 Caribbean Thought
2. Electives - Do any TWO of:
  1. CARI6004 Caribbean Literature and Technology
  2. CARI6005 Caribbean Diasporic Literatures
  3. CARI 6006 Teaching Literature in the Caribbean Classroom
  4. CARI6009 Creative Writing
  5. CARI6010 Visualizing the Caribbean
  6. CARI6011 Caribbean Theatre: Text and Performance
  7. A pre-existing postgraduate course in the Discipline (may be taken as an Independent Reading Course)
  8. ONE approved alternative Elective from other programme (e.g. Cultural Studies)
3. Compulsory Research Paper:
15,000-20,000 words. May be a creative work (piece of writing, film, art installation, performance) with critical commentary or portfolio).

Sequence of Courses

You are required to take the two core courses. Choose two electives from the remaining courses (or from elsewhere, as described above). Click here to see the Course Descriptions »
Semester 1 Semester 2
CARI6000 Contemporary Caribbean Literatures Across Languages TBA
CARI 6011 Caribbean Theatre Text and Performance TBA
Semester 1 Semester 2
CARI6000 Caribbean Literature Across Languages TBA
CARI6005 Caribbean Diasporic Literature TBA

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