Graduate Funding


There are a number of postgraduate scholarships (worth BD$18, 000 in academic year 1997-98) and bursaries available from the School for Graduate Studies and Research on a competitive basis. These are decided upon at the time of application and disbursed on a yearly basis to successful candidates.


There are also available to students already within the programme several Sir Frank Worrell Postgraduate scholarships (valued at BD$20,000 in academic year 1997-98) on a competitive basis. The funds for these derive from the proceeds from the annual cricket match held between the Vice Chancellor’s XI and the touring test team.


There are a number of Postgraduate Research Awards available from the School for Graduate Studies and Research. Awards may be used for:
  • the purchase of equipment, supplies and services in support of research,

  • attending workshops to upgrade specific skills,

  • attending regional and international conferences to disseminate findings,

  • visits for research purposes to other campuses of the University of the West Indies and other universities and for access to libraries and other information sources, and

  • facilitating interaction between students and supervisors (if supervisors are based at other campuses).
Students should note that applications for Postgraduate Research Awards from the School for Graduate Studies and Research are considered on a quarterly basis.


The Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature has available small sums of money to assist postgraduate students with their research and to participate in conferences and publish their research.


More information on any of the scholarships and awards listed above may be obtained from either the Department’s Coordinator of Graduate Studies or the Administrative Assistant, the School for Graduate Studies and Research.


Postgraduate Scholarships and Bursaries: students should indicate on their application forms their willingness to be considered for these scholarships.

Sir Frank Worrell Scholarships: students should keep a look out for advertisements for the Sir Frank Worrell Scholarships which are posted once a year on campus and appear in the local media and follow the steps indicated.

Departmental Funds / Postgraduate Research Awards: students who wish to apply for either funding from the Department or Postgraduate Research Awards from the School for Graduate Studies and Research should formally write to their Supervisor to obtain his/her approval. Students should make clear in their letter of application the precise purpose(s) for which financial assistance is sought. Supervisors who approve such requests should then make the appropriate application to the Head of Department through the Department’s Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies.


Graduate Students’s Lounge: the Faculty of Humanities has a room with a computer and printer available for the use exclusively of postgraduate students within the faculty.

Internet and E-mail Facilities: internet and e-mail facilities are available in the Graduate Students’s Lounge and at the Computer Centre.

Part-time Tutorships: the Department employs postgraduate students and others to act as tutors in large courses at rates of pay that depend upon qualifications and experience. Although every effort is made to assign tutors to areas relevant to their own studies, this cannot be always guaranteed.

Candidates for a higher degree are encouraged to signal their availability for part-time teaching to the Department’s Coordinator of Postgraduate Studies well in advance of the commencement of each academic year.

Research Assistantships: the Department provides some research assistantships for MPhil and PhD students. These assistantships are funded by the School for Graduate Studies and Research and they are based on specific needs within the Department. Lecturers will normally submit requests for assistantships to the Coordinator of the School for Graduate Studies and Research through the Head of Department. Students should indicate their availability for these assistantships to the Department’s Coordinator for Postgraduate Studies.

Graduate Student Exchanges: UWI has arrangements with universities in North America and the United Kingdom like York University in Toronto and the University of Warwick which allow for the possibility of graduate student exchanges. For more information on these, please consult the Chairman, the School for Graduate Studies and Research.

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