The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, will host the inaugural Foreign Language Teaching and Learning Hands-On Conference from September 27-28, 2018, in Barbados.

The main aim of the Conference is to showcase most recent methodological research in Foreign Language Teaching & Learning and to share with you useful didactic material/resources, first-hand inspirational classroom experiences, as well as the latest Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) developed and applied in the FL classroom. That will happen along the scheduled series of research-paper and practical workshop panels featuring international Foreign Language practitioners. 

The two keynote addresses will be delivered by Prof. Jane Arnold from the University of Seville, Spain, pioneer scholar in the field of effective use of the affective component in Second Language learning, and Prof. Yareira Puig-Pernas, a long-standing researcher, textbook author, teacher trainer, curricular designer and mentor in the field of Spanish and Russian as Foreign and Second Language from the University of Havana, Cuba. 

The Conference will include an exciting Round Table entitled "A Foreign Language: An Asset for Any Career" and  culminates with  a Multikulti-FĂȘte and Goodbye Cocktail with culinary & cultural displays, as well as live performances. 


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