Dr. Jason Siegel


Dr. Jason Siegel
Title: Research Fellow - Lexicography
Department: LLL
Discipline: Linguistics
Qualifications: A.B., Middlebury College, M.A., Ph.D., Indiana University-Bloomington
Contact: Tel: 417-4468
Email: jason.siegel@cavehill.uwi.edu
Teaching Areas: Lexicography, Creole languages, Sociolinguistics
Biography: Jason F. Siegel is a native of the United States, and came to Barbados in January 2014.  He is the
Research Fellow in Lexicography, and as such, is the Director of the Richard & Jeanette Allsopp
Centren for Caribbean Lexicography. He is currently working on a dictionary of Guianese French
Creole as well as a spell-checker for Caribbean English.  His doctoral thesis focused on code
switching between French and two of its creoles, Haitian and Guianese.
Research: Dr. Siegel´s work focuses on French Atlantic Creoles. He has worked on a differential dictionary of Louisiana French on a project spearheaded by Dr. Albert Valdman and Dr. Kevin J. Rottet of Indiana University. He has also published on dialect contact in Northern Haiti, with Dr. Albert Valdman and Dr. Anne-José Villeneuve. His conference presentations and publications have covered a diverse range of topics, including decreolization, the acquisition of French as a second language, and the history of dictionaries of linguistics.
Publications: Bogle, Desrine, Ian Craig, & Jason F. Siegel (eds). (2016, to appear) Special Issue on Translating Creolization.  Translating and Translanguaging in Multingual Contexts. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Allsopp, Jeannette & Jason F. Siegel (in press). "El trabajo del Centro de Lexicografia Caribena:
pasado, presente y futuro." Kanina.

Valdman, Albert, Anne-José Villeneuve, & Jason F. Siegel. (2015) “On the influence of the standard norm of Haitian Creole on the Cap Haïtien dialect: Evidence from sociolinguistic variation in the third person singular pronoun.” Journal of Pidgin & Creole Languages.
Valdman, Albert, Jason F. Siegel, Anne-José Villeneuve, & Solfils Telfort. (2010) “Contact de normes : Aspects sociolinguistiques et épilinguistiques du maintien du créole capois.” (‘Norms in contact: Socio- and epilinguistic aspects of the maintenance of Cape-Haitian Creole’.) Médéric Gasquet-Cyrus, Alain Giacomi, Yvonne Touchard and Daniel Véronique (eds.) Pour la (socio)linguistique. Paris: L’Harmattan. pp. 145-69
Siegel, Jason F. (2010) “Decreolization: A Critical Review”. IULC Working Papers 9: Languages in Contact. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Linguistics Club. pp. 83-98.
Additional Information: http://jasonfsiegel.weebly.com

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