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Faculty of Humanities and Education

Department of Language, Linguistics and Literature


Dr. Rosana Herrero-Martín (On Leave 2023/2024)

Dr. Rosana Herrero-Martín (On Leave 2023/2024)

Lecturer, Hispanic Studies

Department: LLL


Rosana Herrero-Martin was born in Burgos, Spain, and studied at University College Dublin and the University of Salamanca, from where she obtained her doctorate in Theatre and Performative Studies. She has lectured at Colby College (ME, USA); Instituto Cervantes Bremen, University of Oldenburg (Germany); Department of Undergraduate Studies & Teacher Training, UWI, Antigua State College, American University of Antigua (Antigua & Barbuda, W.I.) and Universidad Isabel I (Spain), before coming to Cave Hill in September 2016.


Ph.D., Doctor Europeus, Universidad de Salamanca 2007

Research Areas

Becariño: Cuadernos de español del Caribe para el Caribe. Preparation of a series of OER teaching and learning workbooks for the Spanish intermediate-advanced classroom in the Caribbean. (BD$2,000 fund was received from Cave Hill Campus Research Awards for the publication and promotion of the first workbook)

Archetypal analysis of the Orishas and their presence in Cuban and Hispanic Caribbean contemporary culture

The Narrative Mode of Language, Mind and Consciousness: Philosophical, Holistic and Pedagogical Explorations

The Transformative-Holistic Teaching & Learning Paradigm in the Foreign Language/Culture/Literature Classroom

Teaching Areas

Literatures in Spanish

Hispanic Caribbean Literature

Spanish Drama

Hispanic Culture


Select Publications

“Olokun, or the Caribbean Quantum Mind: An Analysis of Transculturated Metaphysical Elements within Rita Indiana’s Novel Tentacle”. Journal of West Indian Literature (Online ISSN 2414-3030), Vol 27, No. 2 November 2019.

Con las manos en la masa: Cuaderno de comprensión escrita. Becariño: Cuadernos de español del Caribe para el Caribe. Barcelona: Luz Azul Ediciones, 2019. A teaching and learning workbook for the Spanish intermediate-advanced classroom in the Caribbean (OER):

La pagoda. Bogotá: Lasirén, 2019. English-Spanish Literary Translation of The Pagoda. Patricia Powell, Knopf, 1998.

“ Maria Antonia, Unwilling Daughter of Oshun Unaccomplished Mistress of Herself.” Caribbean Quarterly, 14 Aug. 2017, pp. 234–250., doi:10.1080/00086495.2017.1352274.

Yeats, W.B. “En la playa del pueblo.” The Yeats Reborn Project (Drama). European Federation of Associations and Centers of Irish Studies (EFACIS), 2016., English-Spanish Literary Translation of On Baile’s Strand. 1903.

Diferencias de usos gramaticales entre el español y el alemán. With Pablo Gómez-Cremona. Madrid: Edinumen, 2013. A Contrastive Spanish-German Grammar.

The Doing of Telling on the Irish Stage: A Study of Language Performativity in Modern and Contemporary Irish Theatre. Peter Lang, 2008

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